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Q41. XYZ Is a Chemicalmanufacturing company. On a daily basis, it produces 100 kilos of Item A from a single production batch.

100 kilos of item Amanufactured from a single batch has a single expiration date. However, the purity of item A varies as follows:

Category 1: 95%

Category 2: 85%

Category 3: 50%

From an implementation perspective, which setup or process would meet this requirement?

A. Enable lot control. Map three categories asco products.

B. Enable lot control for Item A. Create three lots to represent the categories.

C. Enable lot control for item A. Create three child lots and link them with the parent lot.

D. Enable lot and grade control for item A. Have three categories mapped with grades.

E. Enable lot and serial control for item A. Create one lot and three categories that are mapped with serial numbers.

Answer: D

Q42. Identify the two benefits of using Multi-Org Access Control. (Choose two.)

A. View asset information across multiple asset books.

B. Restrict access to users based on their Organization assignments.

C. Submit and view data across different Ledgers using a single responsibility.

D. Enter Payables invoices for different Operating Units using a single responsibility.

E. View Consolidated requisitions across Operating Units using a single responsibility.

Answer: DE

Q43. Identify four elements of the Inventory that can be assigned a Material Status. (Choose four)

A. Lot

B. Serial

C. Locator

D. Subinventory

E. Operating Unit

F. Inventory Sub-ledger

G. Inventory Organization

Answer: ACFG

Q44. ABC Corp. has determined its Accounting Key Flexfield structure for the Implementation of Oracle EBusiness Suite Release 12. The Accounting Key Flexfield structure contains five Segments: Company,

Business Unit, Department, Account, and Product

They have the following requirements:

1) the Department values should be based on the Business Units,

2) They want to produce a quarterly Balance Sheet for each Company.

Which three statements are true? (Choose three.)

A. The Product Value Set is dependent on the Accounts.

B. The Business Unit Value Set is defined as Independent

C. The Account Segment has a Value Set with no Validation.

D. The Company Segment is qualified as the Balancing Segment.

E. The Department Segment is qualified as an Inter company Segment

F. Cross validation rules are required to enforce dependency of Departments on the Business Units.

Answer: BDF

Q45. Identify three true statements about defining actions In Oracle Alert. (Choose three.)

A. An alert can contain only one Action Set.

B. An alert can contain any number of Action Sets.

C. When multiple actions are defined they must be included In an Action Set.

D. Oracle Alert waits for user response before executing next action in an Action Set.

E. When multiple actions are defined, they do not need to be included in an Action Set.

F. Oracle Alert does not wait for user response before executing next action in an Action Set

Answer: BCF

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Q46. What is the impact of setting the profile option INV: Override Neg for Backflush = Yes?

A. It would not allow inventory to be driven negative.

B. Backflush transactions would drive inventory negative.

C. Backflush transactions would not drive inventory negative.

D. Backflush and inventory transactions would drive inventory negative.

E. Backflush and inventory transactions would not drive inventory negative.

F. It would permit the driving of on-hand inventory negative for miscellaneous issue transactions.

Answer: B

Q47. Identify two features of Oracle Workflow in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. (Choose two.)

A. enhances data security

B. helps you focus on managing individual business transactions

C. has each activity in a workflow as a PL/SQL function or a notification or a sub process

D. can integrate business functions only between business processes within a single company

E. can integrate business processes within an enterprise, as well as between different organizations and different systems

Answer: CE

Q48. Which three statements are true about ABC Analysis and cycle count Classes? (Choose three.)

A. The hit/miss% for the Class overrides the hit/miss% of the cycle count header.

B. The hit/miss% for the cycle count header overrides the hit/miss% of the Class.

C. An ABC Analysis can be compiled for a sub inventory that is defined as a non-quantity-tracked sub inventory.

D. An ABC Analysis can be compiled for nonasset (expensesubinventories for which quantities are tracked).

E. In ABC Analysis, a quantity variance must always be submitted for approval, regardless of the tolerance levels

F. Positive and negative tolerances can be entered for each class, which will override the tolerance at the cycle count header level

Answer: ADF

Q49. An Item has its lot Control attribute set to Full Control.

The Active material status does not have any transaction types related to lot control enabled for material status control, this status is assigned to all lot numbers associated with the item.

The subinventory where the Item's lot numbers are all located also has the Active material status.

How will the application respond when a user tries to submit a subinventory transfer transaction?

A. The transaction will be accepted.

B. An error message will be generated.

C. The transaction will be accepted, but will be registered as a transfer to and from the same subinventory.

D. The transaction will be accepted, but the item cost update will have to be processed separately by the user.

Answer: A

Q50. Identify four functions that a user can perform using the Material Workbench. (Choose four)

A. Create move orders.

B. Create and save queries.

C. Change material statuses.

D. Perform miscellaneous issues.

E. Perform miscellaneous receipts.

F. Perform pick confirm transactions.

G. Perform ship confirms transactions.

H. View material in receiving, on-hand quantities, and intransit material.

Answer: ABCH