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Q51. Identify two types of regions In Daily Business intelligence. (Choose two.)

A. menu

B. table

C. folder

D. report

E. graph

Answer: BE

Q52. Which four options are determined by a responsibility in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12? (Choose four.)

A. inherited roles

B. accessible reports

C. applicable Ledgers

D. accessible Applications

E. accessible menus and forms

Answer: BCDE

Q53. What is the purpose of the profile options INV: CCEOI Commit Point and INV: CCEOI Workers?

A. To provide a baseline for generating cycle count tags

B. To set default values for the frequency of automatic cycle count requests

C. To set default values for the Import Cycle Count Entries from Open Interfaceconcurrent program

D. To limit the actions permitted when reviewing cycle counts importedfrom anexternal system using the

Cycle Count Entries Open Interface

Answer: C

Q54. You and your client determined that forecasting methods included with inventory will be sufficient to meet the client's needs.

You and the customer have decided to use Focus Forecasting to begin with and move to Exponential Smoothing after one year.

Along the way, your customer noticed some definite trends in demand and has requested your help to reevaluate the forecasting method.

What do you recommend as a forecasting method? What additional information is needed,ifany?

A. Focus Forecasting

B. Exponential Smoothing

C. Exponential Smoothing with Trend Enhanced Forecasting, Alpha and Beta Coefficients

D. Exponential Smoothing with Season Enhanced Forecasting, Alpha and Beta Coefficients

E. Exponential Smoothing with Season Enhanced Forecasting, Alpha and Gamma Coefficients

Answer: C

Q55. Which two functional areas have default category sets? (Choose two.)

A. Planning, Engineering, Costing

B. Purchasing, Payables, Inventory

C. Inventory, Purchasing, Bill of Materials

D. Order Management, Inventory, Purchasing

E. Inventory, Bill of Materials, Work in Process

F. Planning, Order Management, General Ledger

G. Order Management, Inventory, Work in Process

Answer: AD

Q56. Your client does not want to implement account alias issues or receipts. When performing setups, what should you do about the account alias flexfield?

A. Define segments, but do not compile.

B. Create at least one alias, compile, then disable the alias.

C. Ignore the account alias flexfield because it would not be required.

D. Compile the flexfield structure because it is required by Oracle Inventory.

E. Define default account aliases that can be used at a laterdatebut ensure they are disabled now.

Answer: D

Q57. In the Descriptive Flexfield (DFF. implementation, the purpose of the "Synchronize with Reference Field" check box is to synchronize_____.

A. The DFF Values with the Reference field

B. The DFF Contexts with the Reference field

C. The DFF Attributes with the Reference field

D. The DFF Segments with the Reference field

E. The DFF Value Sets with the Reference field

Answer: B

Q58. Identify four features of Workflow Monitor. (Choose four.)

A. Enables you to view your workflows

B. Enables you to modify a workflow definition file

C. Enables you to download workflow definition file

D. displays status information for the process instance

E. Enables administrators to perform control operations

F. Enables you to search for a workflow process instances

G. provides only summary-level information about

Individual activities of a workflow process

Answer: ADEF

Q59. Which two are supply sources for Supplier and Production inventory replenishment? (Choose two.)

A. Discrete job

B. Intransft order

C. External sales order

D. Replenishment move order

E. Internal purchase requisition

F. External purchase requisition

Answer: AF

Q60. A _____Is a container for a unique set of information on a Daily Business Intelligence overview page

A. Report

B. Region

C. Dashboard

D. Key Performance Indicator

Answer: B