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Q91. Which three statements are true regarding Inventory replenishment methods? (Choose three.) 

A. Min-max planning considers order cost. 

B. Min-max planning considers carrying cost. 

C. Reorder point planning considers order cost. 

D. Reorder point planning considers replenishment lead time. 

E. Min-max planning can be performed at the subinventory level. 

F. When an item is defined, both reorder point planning and min-max planning can be specified to place limits on the calculated reorder point. 

Answer: C,D,E 

Q92. Select the best business practice for a supplier that is being newly added to the Approved Supplier List. 

A. Allow PO Approval, Sourcing, Schedule Confirmation and Manufacturer Link 

B. Allow PO Approval, Sourcing and Schedule Confirmation but not Manufacturer Link 

C. Allow PO Approval, Sourcing and Manufacturer Link but not Schedule Confirmation 

D. Allow PO Approval, Schedule Confirmation and Manufacturer Link but not Sourcing 


Q93. Identify two features of a Value Set that has a validation type of "None." (Choose two.) 

A. It has an approved list of values associated with It. 

B. The entered value must meet the formatting requirements. 

C. The Flexfield value security rules cannot be used for a segment that uses this Value Set. 

D. Users can enter any value that they want even if It does not meet formatting requirements. 

Answer: B,C 

Q94. Select three statements that are true. (Choose three.) The timing and frequency of running the process to transfer payables transactions to General Ledger depends on   . 

A. how often you need to process mass additions 

B. how often you need to see balances in Projects updated 

C. how often you need to run the Invoice Validation process 

D. how often you need to run the Period-End Accrual process 

E. how often you need to do financial reporting out of the general ledger 

F. how often you need to run the Payables Accounting process to create the accounting entries 

Answer: A,B,E 

Q95. ACME is using cycle counting and the quantity variance approval tolerances are specified at the cycle count header level, cycle count Class level, and cycle count item level. When tolerances are set up at all the levels, which tolerance is considered first by Inventory? 

A. Unit cost level 

B. Subinventory level 

C. Cycle count item level 

D. Cycle count class level 

E. Cycle count header level 


Q96. Your ordering process starts with a requisition. Into which two documents must the purchase requisition document be transformed within Oracle Applications? (Choose two.) 

A. Return 

B. Receipt 

C. Quotation 

D. Purchase Order 

E. Request For Quotation 

Answer: D,E 

Q97. You completed an inventory transaction and a work-in-process transaction. Then you checked the on-hand quantity and found that both the inventory and work-in-process transactions were not processed. Which manager is responsible for processing quantity-based transactions? 

A. cost transaction manager 

B. move transaction manager 

C. material transaction manager 

D. lot move transaction manager 


Q98. Profile options can be either required or optional. All required options must have a value. Which two profile options are required when setting up Oracle Inventory? (Choose two.) 

A. INV: Validate Returned Lot 

B. INV: Accounting Category Set 

C. INV: Restrict Receipt of Serials 

D. INV: Default Primary Unit of Measure 

E. INV: Replenishment Move Order Grouping 

Answer: B,D 

Q99. Company ABC has a factory that is set up as an inventory organization with several subinventories. 

Each of the subinventories has locators. The factory purchases material using a purchase order. 

The person who receives the purchase order does not know which subinventory and locator the material needs to go to. 

ABC wants the subinventory and locator to be automatically populated for that item. 

Which option would solve the problem? 

A. Populate the completion subinventory and locator on the routing for that item. 

B. Use the restrict subinventory and restrict locator flag on the Item Master record of that item. 

C. Populate the supply subinventory and locator fields on the Item Master record for the purchased item. 

D. Use the Item Transactions Default form to create default subinventory and locators for the purchased item. 


Q100. Identify two instances when an approved supplier list is redundant for automatic sourcing. (Choose two.) 

A. A sourcing rule exists for an item-supplier-supplier site combination. 

B. You need to source service lines and Oracle Sourcing is implemented. 

C. Items are sourced from a manufacturing plant across countries/operating units in a multinational company. 

D. You need to default source information on an item that is on a blanket purchase agreement and a quotation. 

E. You need to source information from a global agreement to a standard purchase order and the profile option PO: Automatic Document Sourcing is set to Yes. 

Answer: B,E