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Q31. ABC Company uses serial numbers for the following transactions: 

1. Purchase order receipt 

2. Miscellaneous receipt 

3. Account alias receipt 

The company wants to reuse the same serial numbers for work order completion transactions. 

Which setup would allow it to reuse the same serial numbers? 

A. INV: Validate Returned Serial: No B. INV: Validate Returned Serial: Yes C. INV: Restrict Receipt of Serials: No D. INV: Restrict Receipt of Serials: Yes 

E. INV: Validate Returned Lot: Yes and INV: Validate Returned Serial: No 

F. INV: Restrict Receipt of Serials: Yes and INV: Validate Returned Serial: No 

G. INV: Restrict Receipt of Serials: Yes and INV: Validate Returned Serial: Yes 


Q32. In defining supplier sites, which navigation path would you use? 

A. (N) Supply Base > Suppliers > Locations 

B. (N) Supply Base > Suppliers > Organization 

C. (N) Supply Base > Suppliers > Address Book 

D. (N) Supply Base > Suppliers > Contacts Directory 

E. (N) Supply Base > Suppliers > Business Classification 


Q33. What is the significance of the Shrinkage Rate item attribute? 

A. The expected reduction in demand within the planning fence 

B. The average loss of material during manufacturing or storage 

C. The expected decrease in the rate of production of units during manufacturing 

D. The expected percentage (%) loss of quality of an item during the manufacturing process or storage 


Q34. You receive a request to create a new menu. Instead of creating a new menu, you modify an existing menu and save It to a different User Menu Name. 

What happens after saving the menu with a different User Menu Name? 

A. There will be two menus. 

B. The original menu is disabled. 

C. The new menu will not contain any functions. 

D. The new menu will overwrite the original menu. 


Q35. Your client requires Org A to supply Org B with inventory on a need basis. The Internal Order flag is checked. An internal requisition has been created and approved. What type of receipt would Org B have to perform to receive the goods? 

A. RMA receipt 

B. Inter-Org Transfer 

C. Account Alias receipt 

D. Purchase Order receipt 

E. Receipt by Shipment Number 


Q36. The warehouse has received new stock from an internal distribution warehouse. Which two receiving transactions can be used to put stock into the warehouse's inventory using the Intransit Inventory? (Choose two.) 

A. Direct Receipt 

B. Standard Receipt and Delivery 

C. Inter organization Direct Receipt 

D. Inter organization Receipt and Delivery 

E. Inter organization Miscellaneous Receipt 

Answer: C,D 

Q37. When a quotation is due to expire within the number of days you specified, then you receive the following message in the Notifications Summary window: Quotations active or approaching expiration: [number]. 

Where is this [number] set up in the system? 

A. in the Quote Header - Warning Delay field 

B. in the Systems Profile Options - PO: Quote Warning Delay 

C. in Purchasing Options on the 'Default' Tab - Quote Warning Delay field 

D. Lookup Code, which is an (LOV) list of Values, in the Quote Header - Warning Delay field 


Q38. ABC Corp. is in the business of manufacturing laptops. They run marketing, campaigns to attract and secure orders, and then produce a forecast based on the safes order history. 

Identify the two business flows hi Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 that meet their requirements. (Choose two.) 

A. Order to Cash 

B. Forecast to Plan 

C. Demand to Build 

D. Campaign to Order 

E. Contract to Renewal 

Answer: B,D 

Q39. Consider the following setup: Receipt Close Point = Accepted; Receipt Close Percent = 5%. A shipment of 100 units for item A was scheduled to be delivered today. The shipment status changed to Closed for Receiving after processing the delivery. Which statement is true about this delivery? 

A. 110 units of A are received and 94 are accepted. 

B. 95 units of A are received and waiting in the receiving dock. 

C. 99 units of A are received and 5 are rejected after inspection. 

D. 110 units of A are received and 103 are delivered to the inventory. 

E. 102 units of A are received and then 10 are returned to the vendor due to damage. 


Q40. Min-max planning can be used . 

A. only at the subinventory level 

B. in place of MRP/MPS planning 

C. in Exponential Smoothing Forecast calculations 

D. in Economic Order Quantity(EOQ) calculations 

E. in Material Requirement Planning/Master Production Schedule (MRP/MPS) calculations