Exam Code: 1Z0-520 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle EBS R12.1 Purchasing Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 May 1Z0-520 Study Guide Questions:

Q141. Which Inventory table stores the item attribute values assigned to a system item? 





Answer: A 

Q142. Company ABC has a factory that is set up as an inventory organization with several subinventories. 

Each of the subinventories has locators. The factory purchases material using a purchase order. 

The person who receives the purchase order does not know which subinventory and locator the material needs to go to. 

ABC wants the subinventory and locator to be automatically populated for that item. 

Which option would solve the problem? 

A. Populate the completion subinventory and locator on the routing for that item. 

B. Use the restrict subinventory and restrict locator flag on the Item Master record of that item. 

C. Populate the supply subinventory and locator fields on the Item Master record for the purchased item. 

D. Use the Item Transactions Default form to create default subinventory and locators for the purchased item. 

Answer: D 

Q143. Which data is received by Oracle Bill of Materials from Oracle Inventory? 

A. ATP supply only 

B. item information only 

C. on-hand quantity only 

D. item information and units of measure 

E. units of measure and on-hand quantity 

Answer: D 

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Up to date 1Z0-520 simulations:

Q144. The PO Create Documents Workflow creates   . (Choose three.) 

A. releases from blanket purchase agreements 

B. standard purchase orders from bid quotations 

C. standard purchase orders from catalog quotations 

D. standard purchase orders from standard quotations 

E. standard purchase orders from planned purchase agreements 

F. standard purchase orders from contract purchase agreements 

Answer: A,C,F 

Q145. ACME is using cycle counting and the quantity variance approval tolerances are specified at the cycle count header level, cycle count Class level, and cycle count item level. When tolerances are set up at all the levels, which tolerance is considered first by Inventory? 

A. Unit cost level 

B. Subinventory level 

C. Cycle count item level 

D. Cycle count class level 

E. Cycle count header level 

Answer: C 

Q146. Which three statements are true about the Move Order process? (Choose three.) 

A. Requisition and pick release orders are preapproved. 

B. Replenishment and pick wave move orders are preapproved. 

C. Requisition and pick release orders are preapproved and require inspection. 

D. If no planner is specified for the item, the requisition line is automatically approved. 

E. If no approvals are required in your organization, set the inventory organization parameters Timeout Period to 0 and the Timeout Action to Approve Automatically. 

Answer: B,D,E 


Exact 1Z0-520 preparation labs:

Q147. Identify two situations in which item information on a requisition CANNOT be sourced from the Approved Supplier List. (Choose two). 

A. The supplier status is New. 

B. The Approved Supplier List is disabled at the line level. 

C. The Use Approved Supplier flag is unchecked for the item. 

D. The supplier is active but the supplier site is made temporarily inactive. 

E. The supplier status is set to Debarred, but the business rule Sourcing is set to Allow. 

Answer: B,C 

Q148. Which three statements are true about the item master? (Choose three.) 

A. It is possible to copy items across item master organizations. 

B. The item master organization is the centralized repository for all items in different organizations. 

C. It is possible to associate items in one item master organization with another item master organization. 

D. When an attribute control is set at the item master level, updates are not allowed at the item or organization level. 

E. There is no functional or technical difference between the item master organization and other organizations while transacting on an item. 

F. When an attribute control is set at the item master level, updates can still be made at the item or organization level but these updates would not propagate back up to the item master level. 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q149. The buyer decides to automatically update and create sourcing rules, as part of the blanket purchase agreement approval process. However, on clicking the Approve button, the buyer does not see any option to update and create blanket purchase sourcing rules. 

Which profile option has the buyer failed to set up? 

A. PO: Automatic Document Sourcing 

B. MRP: Default Sourcing Assignment Set 

C. PO: Allow Auto-generate Sourcing Rules 

D. PO: Allow Autocreation of Oracle Sourcing Documents 

Answer: C 

Q150. You want Oracle Inventory to automatically create move orders while performing min-max planning. To enable that functionality, you would need to define the   . 

A. subinventory supply source type at the pull level 

B. Move Order Timeout Action to a value greater than zero 

C. Move Order Timeout Period to a value greater than zero 

D. subinventory supply source type at the subinventory or item level 

Answer: D