Exam Code: 1Z0-521 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle EBS R12.1 Order Management Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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Q31. APME attempts pick release process for delivery lines that have been booked.

Which three options are valid? (Choose three)

A. Run the auto allocate process.

B. Run the pick stop Grouping process

C. Run the interface trip step process

D. Use the standard report submission process (SRS)

E. Execute online from the release sales order window

F. Run a concurrent program from the release sales order window.

Answer: DEF

Q32. You receive request to create a new responsibility for US payable manager. The request states that the new responsibility should have access to all menu items except invoice payments.

Identify two options that you would use to restrict the invoice payments option on new US payables manager responsibility. (Choose two)

A. Remove the request group from the new US payable manager responsibility.

B. Create a menu Exclusion for invoice payments on US payable manager responsibility.

C. Create Item exclusion for invoice payments on US payable manager responsibility.

D. Create a security attribute for invoice payments on US payable manager responsibility.

E. Create a new menu excluding the invoice payments on US payable manager responsibility.

Answer: BE

Q33. A global single instance (GSI) provides the global enterprise with a single, complete data model. Identify three features in Oracle E-Business suite Release 12 that support a GSI. (Choose three)

A. Maintenance of third-party applications

B. Automation of standardize documents and audit process

C. Decentralization of operations by regions, divisions, or processes

D. Consolidation of data centers and lowering administrative overhead

E. Capture of statutory and customary local requirements in same database

Answer: BDE

Q34. What are the four required fields when defining a request set? ( Choose four)

A. Set

B. Owner

C. Set code

D. Application

E. Description

F. Active data

Answer: ACDF

Q35. Identify two operations that users can specify using Multi-Org preferences. (Choose two)

A. Set up the default operating unit

B. Set up frequently accessed responsibilities

C. Set up date, currency, and number formats

D. Set up frequently accessed forms and web pages

E. Set up the access to limited list of operating units

Answer: AE

Q36. ABC Corp uses Oracle E-Business suite Release 12 and wants to design an order status web inquiry screen to make order status visible to its customers online

How can ABC Corp ensure that customers view only their individual order status?

A. By securing attributes for each customer

B. By excluding attributes for individual customers

C. By assigning a separate attribute value for INTERNAL_CONTACT_ID

D. By assigning a same attribute value for CUSTOMER_CONTACT_ID

Answer: A

Q37. Identify three true statements regarding freight and special charges. (Choose three)

A. Accrual is valid application method for modifier type of freight/special charges.

B. Basic pricing provides seeded freight and special charges type of modifier list.

C. You can define your own implementation-specific freight and special charges type of the modifier list.

D. You can use the range price breaks in creating modifiers for freight and special charges if you are using only Basic pricing.

E. You can handle your own implementation-specific freight cost type or freight charges type codes for use in modifiers for calculating freight and special charges.

F. When there are two equal modifiers with the highest precedence in an incompatibility level, the pricing engine selects the modifier that provides the best benefit to the customer.

Answer: BEF

Q38. Select these items attribute groups. (Choose three)

A. General planning

B. Order management

C. Periodic manufacturing

D. Process manufacturing

E. Discrete manufacturing

F. Repetitive manufacturing

Answer: ABD

Q39. Select the two principle elements of the pack functionality in shipping execution. (Choose two)

A. Trip

B. Delivery

C. Trip stop

D. Delivery line

E. License plate number

Answer: DE

Q40. Identify four tasks that you can perform using Oracle Workflow in Oracle E-business suit release 12. (Choose four)

A. Automate business process

B. Generate account code combination

C. Approve standard business document

D. Send notification using advanced queuing

E. Generate inventory item numbers using item generator workflow

F. Integrate with third party business system that are not on a company network

Answer: ABCF