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Q1. Daily business intelligence pages provide summarized content for a particular functional area. Name three feature that the page contain. (Choose three)

A. Regions

B. Reports

C. Parameters

D. Responsibilities

E. Key performance indicator (KPIs)

Answer: ACE

Q2. Which statement best describe locator Control? (Choose two)

A. Cannot be changed after it is specified

B. Can be specified at the item master level

C. Can be specified at the operating unit level

D. Can be specified at the inventory organization level

Answer: CD

Q3. When adding a new recipient to the approvals lists for the seeded negotiation agreements.

Which two statements are true? (Choose two)

A. Open the seeded workflow and add the new name there.

B. Modify the seeded approvals list to create a new workflow.

C. The seeded workflow list of approvers cannot be modified.

D. Select setup>Transaction types > Approvals and add the recipient to the list of approvers to appropriate list name.

E. Select setup>Transaction types, query the appropriate transaction type and than click the appropriate button, finally the user should add the recipient to the list of agreements for the appropriate list name.

Answer: DE

Q4. Identify three features of a balancing entry. (Choose three)

A. Balance sheets are prepared for a balancing entry

B. A legal entity may comprise one or more than one balancing segments.

C. Multiple balancing entities within the same operating unit structure is not supported

D. A balancing entity is represented as a balancing segment value in the accounting Flexfield structure.

E. Oracle E-Business Suit Release 12 automatically source balancing segment value with in your chart of accounts with specific legal entities or operating units.

Answer: ABD

Q5. Identify two features of value set that has a validation type of "None". (Choose two)

A. It has an approved list of values associated with it.

B. The entered values must meet the formatting requirements

C. The Flexfield value security rules can not be used for a segment that uses this value set.

D. Users can enter any value that they want even if it does not meet formatting requirements

Answer: BC

Q6. Some customers of Sterlite Inc have special order processing requirements. A bill to location on a ship to location of these customers may also need to have its own speed order type.

However a general user in various departments needs to always centre orders for a particular type.

1) Domestic personal need to enter to order type domestic

2) Export department personnel need to enter orders of orders of order type international.

A new customer profile is created to the default order type for different responsibilities or users the special order types can be defined in customer, ship to, or bill to record as required.

A user has created a new sales order where would the order type default from?

A. Related record ship-to: Order type

B. Related record invoice to: order type

C. Related record customer: order type

D. Application profile XXOM : xxxxxxx (Customer profile option for different responsibilities an users)

Answer: D

Q7. Identify the four statements related to the MOAC functionality. (Choose four)

A. When querying any transaction, one must specify the operating unit.

B. The operating unit field is a display-only field for the transaction forms.

C. While entering a transaction, the operating unit needs to be selected in case the user wants an operating unit other than the default.

D. While querying for a transaction, entering the operating unit helps the application the query looser number of transaction and results in better performance.

E. A new operating field unit has been added to all the forms that allow the user to view and manage sales orders and returns across multiple operating units.

F. A new operating field unit has been added to all the forms that allow the user to view and manage sales agreements and Quotes across multiple operating units.

Answer: CDEF

Q8. Identify the three correct statements regarding multiple organization access control (MOAC).

(Choose three)

A. Responsibility can be set across operating units

B. MOAC allows the operating unit field to be left blank

C. The application behaves conventionally when MAOC specifies set ups are not enabled

D. The default operating unit for an order management responsibility is set by the MO: default operating unit profile value.

E. The MOAC -enabled environment will record a null value for the operating unit when order is saved by the user without specifying the operating unit value.

Answer: ACD

Q9. Identify three steps to perform after defining a Flexfield structure, but before entering values. (Choose three)

A. Select the "Freeze Flexfield definition" check box.

B. Click the compile button to build the Flexfield structure.

C. Save your changes before freezing the flex field definition.

D. Submit a concurrent request to build the flex field structure.

E. Do not save your changes before freezing the flexfield definition.

Answer: ABC

Q10. Exhibit

View the exhibit while entering a journal in Journal form, you enter a code combination of 29.402.4519.2103.240 in the five-segment Accounting Flexfield However you are unable to proceed after entering this account combination.

What could be problem in the structure definition of accounting Flexfield?

A. The "Freeze Rollup Groups" check box is selected

B. The " Allow Dynamic Inserts" check box is selected

C. The "Freeze Flexfield definition" check box is selected

D. The "Cross Validate Segment" check box is selected

Answer: B