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2021 May 1Z0-521 Study Guide Questions:

Q21. Which three are result of shipment confirm process when the defer interface flag is set to No? (Choose three)

A. The sales order is closed

B. The inventory is decremented

C. The sale order line is updated

D. The sale order is pick release

E. The material is transferred from the staging inventory

Answer: BCE

Q22. Company X has three operating units: A, B, and C, each operating unit has a MO: Security Access profile option and MO: default operating unit profile option assigned to it.

Which statement is true?

A. Paul can create transactions for the A, B, and C operating units

B. All transactions created by Paul are automatically assigned to operating unit A.

C. Paul can report on data across A, B, and C operating units, but enter transactions only against

D. The profile option did not include operating unit B and operating unit C due to any error by the system administrator.

E. They payables responsibility is linked to operating unit A by the MO: operating unit profile option and can create transactions for the operating unit alone.

Answer: A

Q23. Choose the correct statement that applies to LPNs.

A. LPNs are organization independent.

B. Deliveries must exist before creating LPNs.

C. No container item is required to create LPNs.

D. LPN number can be defined with a prefix, starting number and suffix.

E. The delivery line status should be pick released before it can be assigned to LPNs.

Answer: D

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Q24. Some customers of Sterlite Inc have special order processing requirements. A bill to location on a ship to location of these customers may also need to have its own speed order type.

However a general user in various departments needs to always centre orders for a particular type.

1) Domestic personal need to enter to order type domestic

2) Export department personnel need to enter orders of orders of order type international.

A new customer profile is created to the default order type for different responsibilities or users the special order types can be defined in customer, ship to, or bill to record as required.

A user has created a new sales order where would the order type default from?

A. Related record ship-to: Order type

B. Related record invoice to: order type

C. Related record customer: order type

D. Application profile XXOM : xxxxxxx (Customer profile option for different responsibilities an users)

Answer: D

Q25. Identify two operations that users can specify using Multi-Org preferences. (Choose two)

A. Set up the default operating unit

B. Set up frequently accessed responsibilities

C. Set up date, currency, and number formats

D. Set up frequently accessed forms and web pages

E. Set up the access to limited list of operating units

Answer: AE

Q26. You receive request to create a new responsibility for US payable manager. The request states that the new responsibility should have access to all menu items except invoice payments.

Identify two options that you would use to restrict the invoice payments option on new US payables manager responsibility. (Choose two)

A. Remove the request group from the new US payable manager responsibility.

B. Create a menu Exclusion for invoice payments on US payable manager responsibility.

C. Create Item exclusion for invoice payments on US payable manager responsibility.

D. Create a security attribute for invoice payments on US payable manager responsibility.

E. Create a new menu excluding the invoice payments on US payable manager responsibility.

Answer: BE

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Q27. Customer acceptance is applicable for which four order types or models. (Choose four)

A. Kits

B. Returns

C. Internal orders

D. Retro bill orders

E. ATO/PTO models

F. Standard orders with service items

G. Standard orders with standard items

Answer: AEFG

Q28. Daily business intelligence pages provide summarized content for a particular functional area. Name three feature that the page contain. (Choose three)

A. Regions

B. Reports

C. Parameters

D. Responsibilities

E. Key performance indicator (KPIs)

Answer: ACE

Q29. Available to promise rules are ______.

A. Seeded using APICS conventions

B. User defined in order management module

C. User defined using a matrix of selectable criteria

D. User defined in the global order promising module

E. System assigned base upon the item type, cumulative lead time and un consumed forecast

Answer: C

Q30. What are the three elements involved in submitting concurrent request? (Choose three)

A. Selecting operating unit

B. Selecting report language

C. Providing completion option

D. Defining a submission schedule

E. Selecting the request or request set to be submitted

Answer: CDE