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2021 May 1Z0-522 Study Guide Questions:

Q21. When logging on to Enterprise One which two statements are TRUE? 

A. A user's password for the Production Environment usually differs from the password used for the Test Environment. 

B. If a user has multiple roles attached to his/her user-id, multiple passwords are required. 

C. The password used on a fat client is identical to the password used on a Web client. 

D. A user's password for the Production Environment usually is identical to his/her password for the Test environment. 

E. A user cannot have access to more than two environments. 

Answer: AE

Q22. Which three of the following pieces of information can be captured in the Address Book?

A. Outstanding amount for customers

B. Default Document Type

C. A/R A/P Netting Default

D. Tax ID

E. Subledger Inactive Code

Answer: CDE

Q23. Your client wants to forecast cash activities to improve their rate of return. AP Cash Forecasting does NOT: 

A. consolidate open vouchers from the A/P Ledger table 

B. summarize information by business unit, company, due date, and currency 

C. delete existing records in the Cash Summarization table with the cash type you specify in a processing option 

D. update the Cash Summarization table with the new information 

E. create an electronic table that will be sent to the banking institution 

Answer: E

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Q24. You were asked to assist in setting up the Automatic Accounting Instructions (AAI) for the financial system. Which statement is TRUE regarding AAI? 

A. All AAI Items must have a corresponding valid Business Unit and Object Account value. 

B. There can only be two lines of description. 

C. The sequence number is hard coded in the logic of the calling application. 

D. Some AAI Items with a common prefix can have a user defined suffix. 

E. All AAI Items are company specific. 

Answer: C

Q25. You have a clearing account that is out of balance and you elect to use the Debit/Credit Match program to assist in the reconciliation. Which four steps are required?

A. Running the Bank Journal Statement Process.

B. Refreshing account information in the Account Ledger Reconciliation table.

C. Reconciling void payments and receipts.

D. Unreconciling transactions when needed.

E. Manually Reconciling transactions.

Answer: BCDE

Q26. You ran the application Credit Analysis Refresh program (R03B525). Which table does the system use to display Information on the Account Balance Inquiry Application?

A. F03B11

B. F03B15

C. F03B16S

D. F03B16

E. F03B21

Answer: B

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Q27. When the business unit, job or project is flagged as adjustment only, the following is true:

A. You are not allowed to post transactions to this business unit.

B. You can post only specific document types to this business unit.

C. You have to specify a subledger in a transaction for this business unit.

D. You are allowed to post budget transaction only to this business unit

Answer: B

Q28. Your client wishes to run Calculate Withholdings Report In preparation for the payment process. For the Calculate Withholding program to select a voucher, what must the voucher's pay status be?

A. A

B. %

C. W

D. H

E. #

Answer: B

Q29. A client needs to print attachments as part of payments. Where do you set the processing option to turn on "print attachments"? 

A. Create Payment Groups 

B. The Speed Release program 

C. Work with Payment Groups 

D. Cash Requirements program 

E. Payment instrument defaults 

Answer: E

Q30. Your client is required to produce a trial balance that compares 'Actual" and "Budgets". You recommend they use the Trial Balance Ledger Comparison application. How is the 'Thru" date derived on this Find/Browse form?

A. The "Thru" date is driven by the Financial Reporting Period in the General Accounting Constant.

B. The user must enter the "Thru" date.

C. The "Thru" date is driven by the Financial Reporting Period in the Company Constant.

D. The "Thru" date is driven by the General Accounting Current Period in the Company Constant.

Answer: B