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2021 Jul 1Z0-522 practice test

Q11. Your client wants the system to calculate discounts on the gross amount of a voucher plus tax. In which of the following programs can the client set up the system to calculate discounts in this manner?

A. Tax Rules by Company

B. Supplier Master

C. Tax Explanation Codes

D. Processing Options for Voucher Entry

E. A/P Constants

Answer: C

Q12. You are m a System Integration meeting and the client is concerned about the different type of records that are kept In the Business Unit Master table (F0006). Which types of records are NOT kept in the Business Unit Master table? 

A. Property Master table for Property Management 

B. 3ob Master table for Job Cost 

C. Property Master table for Energy Chemical systems 

D. Master table for financial reporting 

E. Asset Master table for Fixed Assets 

Answer: E

Q13. Which three statements are true about customizing the grid?

A. The color of columns can be customized.

B. The same column can be made to appear multiple times in a grid.

C. The font of columns can be customized.

D. The width of columns can be customized.

E. The sequence of columns can be customized.

Answer: ADE

Q14. Your client submitted the Annual Close application to close their fiscal year. When you dose a fiscal year, which AAI Items does the system use?

A. 6LG4 retained earnings and GLGxx all GL accounts

B. GLG4 retained earnings, GLG12 ending profit and loss, and GLG7 year-end close account

C. GLG4 retained earnings, GLG12 ending profit and loss, and the ICCC Inter-company account

D. GLG4 retained earnings and FSxx interim subtotals

E. GLG4 retained earnings, GLG6 beginning revenue account and GLG12 ending profit and loss

Answer: E

Q15. The repost program R099102, Is used to re-create balances based upon the F0911 transactions. The batch does which two of the following in update mode? 

A. deletes the F0902 records, based upon the data selection and recreates these records with balances based upon the F0911-transaction 

B. sets the period involved to zero and recalculates the balance for this period 

C. prints a report that shows the period amount of an account in the F0911 versus the F0902 

D. sets the periods 1 to 14 to zero and recalculates the balances for these periods based upon the F0911-transactions 

E. includes posted and non-posted transactions of the general ledger F0911 

Answer: AC

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Q16. Your client has asked that you run a Standard report with payment information for a given payment cycle. Which of the following would give you the desired information? 

A. Run the Manual Payment Journal Report. 

B. Re-run the Create Payment Group program and set the processing options In the Master Business Function to print the check register. 

C. Run the Payment Analysis Report. 

D. Set up the Check Register in the Bank Account Information program. 

E. Set the processing options for the Automatic Payment Review report to reprint the check register. 

Answer: B

Q17. You are going through the month end dose process. If you run the Account Balance without Account Master Integrity report and have the processing option set to update mode/ what do you update?

A. the business unit of all account ledger records that have an invalid business unit number

B. the account description of ail account ledger records that have an invalid company number

C. the company number of all account ledger records that have an invalid company number

D. the company number of the account master records with the correct business unit

E. the company number of all account balance records that have an invalid company number

Answer: E

Q18. Your client wants to use the fastest method to enter high-volume, simple voucher entries. What Voucher Entry would you recommend to your client to use? 

A. Standard Voucher Entry 

B. Voucher Logging Entry 

C. Speed Voucher Entry 

D. Multi-Voucher, Multi-Supplier 

E. Multi-Company, Single-Supplier 

Answer: C

Q19. For a customer of a company there is a relation between the region of the customer and the sales manager for this region. How can this request be implemented in JDEdwards? 

A. Use the address book category codes. 

B. Use category codes in the Accounts receivable Master F03012. 

C. Use category codes in the address book and set up category code data relationships. 

D. Use category codes in the Accounts Receivable Ledger F03B11. 

Answer: A

Q20. Your client is using Multi-Currency.: What designates an invoice as Foreign? 

A. The revenue account you assign to the-invoice designates it as foreign. 

B. The currency field contains the same value as the Base field. 

C. The currency field contains a different value from the Base field. 

D. An exchange rate exists on the invoice. 

E. The Currency field is foreign. 

Answer: D