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Q41. A user wants to export grid data. Which two statements are true?

A. Exporting data to Excel can be performed for interactive applications.

B. Exporting data to Excel cannot be done from the Web Client.

C. Exporting data to Excel is limited to 999 columns.

D. Exporting data can be done both to Excel and a CSV file.

E. Exporting data to Word is not possible. 

Answer: AD

Q42. While analyzing the transaction history for a supplier, you review the vouchered year to date A. The currency in which the vouchers were paid. 

B. The currency defined In the A/B Amount Code field of the Supplier Master. 

C. The domestic currency of the company where the vouchers were entered. 

D. The currency associated with Company 00000. 

E. The currency defined In the Default Code field of the Supplier Master. 

Answer: B

Q43. When you know a draft is paid, the draft is closed. On a draft, what does the pay status # indicate? 

A. The draft has been accepted. 

B. The draft is on hold. 

C. The draft has been closed. 

D. The draft has been selected for payment. 

E. The draft is approved. 

Answer: A

Q44. What two ways can a user access the submitted jobs? 

A. by entering'BV'in the fastpath of a Web Client and selecting a form exit 

B. by typing 'Jobs' in the fastpath of a Web Client D C) by selecting Submitted Jobs from the menu 

C. by taking a form exit from the Address Book 

D. by selecting 'My System Profile' from the menu 

Answer: AD

Q45. A client wants 'Use Tax' to post to a separate account by tax rate area. Which of the following is the best way to set this up? 

A. Set the automatic accounting instruction PT to post to a BU. OBJ. Then set up the chart of accounts with BU.081 SUB, where the SUB Is equal to the tax authority. 

B. Set up the tax rate area to point to PTyyyy and setup the PYyyyv to point to different accounts by tax rate area. 

C. Set the automatic accounting instruction PT to post to a BU. OBJ. Then setup the chart of accounts with BU.OB3. SUB, where the SUB is equal to the tax rate area. 

D. Set up automatic accounting instructions PTyyyy, where yyyy is equal to the tax rate area. 

E. Instruct the Account Payable user to enter the distribution to different accounts based on the tax rate area. 

Answer: B

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Q46. Your client needs assistance in setting up allocations for the company.

When you review allocation journal entries, the allocations review displays only batches with the batch type_____; if you make changes to the batch, the system updates the_____; and_____; tables.

A. A, Batch Control, Account Ledger

B. A, Account Ledger, Account Balance,

C. G Account Ledger, Account Balance

D. D, Batch Control, Account Ledger

E. D, Account Ledger, Account Balance

Answer: D

Q47. Your client indicated that the standard delivered report does not meet their business requirement. You recommend that they create a new report using the Financial Report Writer. 

Which four statements are TRUE regarding the Financial Report Writer? 

A. A Journal entry can be automatically created in the Financial Report Writer. 

B. The level of detail roll up can be defined in the processing option. 

C. Smart fields are used to calculate Period Activity and Account Balance. 

D. The interim subtotal can bedefined in the FSxx AAI item. 

E. You can define a maximum of 12 printing columns. 

Answer: ACDE

Q48. Which two statements are TRUE about Interactive Versions? 

A. An Interactive Version is always attached to an Interactive Application. 

B. An Interactive Version can contain Data Selection and Data Sequence set up. 

C. An Interactive Version is a version of an Interactive Application with Its own source code. 

D. An Interactive Version is an object that needs to be checked in for further deployment. 

E. An Interactive Version Is used to hold the Processing Options values for an InteractiveApplication. 

Answer: AD

Q49. The system identifies fixed asset journal entries based on the fixed asset range of accounts that you set up in the automatic accounting instructions (AAIs). You can generate fixed asset journal entries through any EnterpriseOne system that creates entries in the 6/L transaction table Account Ledger (FQ911). Which one of the following is NOT the type of Account that falls within the FX range of the AAIs? 

A. Accumulated Depreciation Accounts 

B. Operating Expense Accounts 

C. Asset Cost Accounts 

D. Asset Disposal Accounts 

E. Trade Accounts 

Answer: D

Q50. Your client requires that their A/P department not pay duplicate supplier Invoices. Which action will prevent users from entering duplicate invoice numbers? 

A. Change the processing option for the Standard Voucher Entry form to add a check digit to the invoice number. 

B. Change the Duplicate Invoice Number Edit field on the A/P Constants form to issue a warning if a user enters a duplicate invoice number. 

C. Change the Duplicate Invoice number edit field on the A/P Constants form to disallow duplicate invoice numbers. 

D. Change the processing option for the standard Voucher entry program to disallow duplicate Invoice numbers. 

Answer: B