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Q1. Your client indicated that the standard delivered report does not meet their business requirement. You recommend that they create a new report using the Financial Report Writer. 

Which four statements are TRUE regarding the Financial Report Writer? 

A. A Journal entry can be automatically created in the Financial Report Writer. 

B. The level of detail roll up can be defined in the processing option. 

C. Smart fields are used to calculate Period Activity and Account Balance. 

D. The interim subtotal can bedefined in the FSxx AAI item. 

E. You can define a maximum of 12 printing columns. 

Answer: ACDE

Q2. Your client needs to make changes to vouchers. Which four actions can be performed with Speed Status Change?

A. Split a voucher for payment to different payees.

B. Change the bank account on existing vouchers.

C. Increase the discount amount on a group of vouchers.

D. Change a group of vouchers to allow payment by electronic funds transfer.

E. Release a group of vouchers m preparation for payment.

Answer: ABDE

Q3. Your client needs assistance in setting up allocations for the company. Which method of

allocation allows you to redistribute amounts from one or more business units to one or

more business units with a common category code?

A. Recurring Journal Entry

B. Variable Model

C. Model Journal Entry

D. Variable Numerator

E. Indexed

Answer: D

Q4. The JD Edwards Enterprise One Financials Data Relationships available in release 9.0 will simplify master data entry and increase the accuracy of master data attributes, which in turn will Increase reporting accuracy.

What are two applications/tables supported by Data Relationships?

A. Company Master

B. Business Unit Master

C. Job Cost Master

D. Accounts Payable Master

Answer: BC

Q5. Your client is using the Credit Hold process orders from Credit Hold? 

A. Check Credit P42050 

B. Release Held Orders P43070 

C. Order Hold Information P42090 

D. Standard Invoice Entry P03B2002 

E. Speed Status Change P03B114 

Answer: B

Q6. The Supplier Analysis report shows Year to Date information that is inaccurate. Why is this so? 

A. The AP Annual Close has not been processed. 

B. Your Data Selection in the Supplier Master report is incorrect. 

C. The aging accounts are not set up in the A/P Constants. 

D. The Beginning Year A/P and A/P period fields have not been updated In the Company Numbers and Names. 

E. The Supplier/Customer Totals by G/L Accounts report has not been run. 

Answer: B

Q7. Your client is going through a data cleansing exercise. They are trying to delete account records In the Account Master table that will not be needed in the future. You encountered records that cannot be deleted. Which tables contain records that cause the Inability to delete the desired accounts?

A. F0902, F0901 and F0010

B. F0911, F0901, and F0006

C. F0911 and F0902

D. F0911, F0902, and F0006

E. F0911, F0902, and F090

Answer: C

Q8. A special rebate payment has to be issued to a customer that doesn't have a Supplier Master. How do you accomplish this without creating multiple Address Book numbers?

A. Change the customer's search type In the Address Book to indicate that this is a supplier.

B. Set up the Supplier Master record with the same Address Book number as the

Customer Master record.

C. Enable the AR/AP Netting Indicator for the customer in the Address Book master record.

D. Enter the customer number In the Factor/Special Payee field.

E. Enter a valid 1099 code In Category Code 7 in the Address Book Record,


Q9. You ran the application A/R Statistical History Update program (R03B16A). Which table does the system use to display information on the Account Statistical Summary Form?

A. F03B11

B. F03B21

C. F03B15

D. F03B16

E. F03B16S

Answer: E

Q10. You have created a credit invoice and need to find the record in the Customer Ledger Inquiry screen (R03B2002). Which document type will you add to the QBE line to help you find the record?





Answer: C