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2021 May 1Z0-522 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. Which of the following statements is TRUE about the AutoPopulate function? 

A. The AutoPopulate function cannot be turned off. 

B. The AutoPopulate function can be turned on per application. 

C. The AutoPopulate function is a system wide function. 

D. The AutoPopulate function can be turned off via a Form Exit. 

E. The AutoPopulate function can be turned on via a Row Exit. 

Answer: A

Q32. Your client ran the "Companies in Balance" [R097001] integrity report and requires assistance in interpreting the report.

What process do the Companies in Balance integrity perform?

A. deletes batch header records with no detail records

B. lists all companies and if an amount appears In a column, the company is out of balance

C. locates batches posted out of balance

D. ensures that the intercompany is In balance

E. updates the batch status of a batch header record to D If the detail records in the Accounts Receivable Ledger, Accounts Payable Ledger, and Account Ledger batches are posted, but the header record has an unposted status

Answer: B

Q33. You were asked to map the different category codes in the Address Book, Business Unit Master and Account Master. Which of the following statements is TRUE? 

A. The first ten category codes in the Account Master table are shared between Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. 

B. There are 30 three-position category codes in the Business Unit Master table. 

C. There are 30 category codes in the Address Book, 50 codes in the Business. Unit Master and 43 category codes in the Account Master tables 

D. All category codes validate against the F0008 table. 

E. Ail category code fields must have numeric values. 

Answer: C

1Z0-522  free practice questions

Renewal 1Z0-522 rapidshare:

Q34. You were asked to create an allocation of all advertising expenses to all marketing departments based on each individual marketing department's sales revenue. Assuming that the advertising expense object accounts and sales revenue object accounts are within one specified range, how will you most efficiently accomplish this allocation?

A. Use a Model Journal Entry

B. Use the Variable Numerator Allocation

C. Use the Recurring Journal Entry

D. Use the Indexed Allocation

E. Use a Variable Model

Answer: B

Q35. Your client wants to create an efficient way of distributing costs to various accounts and minimize manual data entry. One way of accomplishing this is to use model journal entries. Which statement best distinguishes a percent model journal entry from other model journal entries? 

A. The document type should be percent for a percent model. 

B. It is designated as a percent JE in the explanation field. 

C. The document type is JE, but percent follows all the amounts. 

D. You cannot create percent model journal entries. 

E. The document type is JX. 

Answer: C

Q36. A special rebate payment has to be issued to a customer that doesn't have a Supplier Master. How do you accomplish this without creating multiple Address Book numbers?

A. Change the customer's search type In the Address Book to indicate that this is a supplier.

B. Set up the Supplier Master record with the same Address Book number as the

Customer Master record.

C. Enable the AR/AP Netting Indicator for the customer in the Address Book master record.

D. Enter the customer number In the Factor/Special Payee field.

E. Enter a valid 1099 code In Category Code 7 in the Address Book Record,

Answer: B

Exact 1Z0-522 questions pool:

Q37. Your client decided to use the standard delivered financial reports Instead of creating a report using the Report Design Aid (RDA) tool. Which statement is TRUE regarding standard Financial Reports?

A. You are not allowed to change the processing option values at run time.

B. You can add additional processing option tabs without creating a new processing option template.

C. You are not allowed to change the data selection.

D. All standard financial reports can be produced in CSV format.

E. You are not allowed to change the data sequence.

Answer: D

Q38. You have created a credit invoice and need to find the record in the Customer Ledger Inquiry screen (R03B2002). Which document type will you add to the QBE line to help you find the record?





Answer: C

Q39. You can enter journal entries that automatically reverse in the following accounting period.

Which two possible G/L dates could the system assign to the reversing entry?

A. The last day of the current accounting period

B. The last day of the first week of the next accounting period

C. The last day of the next accounting period

D. The 15th day of the next accounting period

E. The first day of the next accounting period

Answer: CE

Q40. Your financial implementation client lead needs assistance on understanding the Detail Method of Intercompany settlements. You explain that the Detail Method uses _______to track Intercompany settlements and the company associated with the first journal entry line acts as the _________ for the transaction.

A. Subsidiaries, detail company

B. Subledger, hub company

C. Subledgers, consolidation company

D. Subledgers, detail company

E. Subsidiaries, hub company 

Answer: B