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Q41. Which utility is used by the DAC server to issue commands to read information in the Informatica repository? 

A. Ddlimp 

B. cryptotools 

C. pmrep 

D. pmcmd 

Answer: D 

Q42. Data Warehouse Administration Console (DAC) interacts with Informatica Server using what command? 



C. infacmd 

D. infasetup 

Answer: D 

Q43. The Out of the Box BI Applications reports that are included on the dashboards are role based. How do you support these roles specifically in workflows? 

A. Roles can be supported in workflows by using session variables as filter in permission settings such as enabling access permissions for user groups and data security, defining workflows by guided navigation and column behavior, dashboard links and conditional guided navigation on dashboard sections. 

B. Roles can be supported in workflows only by enabling session variables in connection pools. 

C. Roles can be supported in workflows entirely by defining dimensional hierarchies and using the default drill functionality. 

D. Roles can be supported in workflows only by conditional formatting and using the STYLE session variable. 

E. Roles can be supported in workflows by user groups, data security, and conditional formatting. 

Answer: A 

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Q44. The Green Factory (a national agricultural organization with one office for IT support and consisting of 20 farmers, 2 dairy producing factories, and a vegetables and flowers Auction) wishes you to implement Sales Analytics and enable all members to benefit most from the Out of the Box materials. What would you advise? 

A. Analyze expected use and calculate capacity. Organize architecture according to the calculated capacity and implement Oracle BI Sales Analytics centrally. Define user groups and apply object security. Define different profiles in Delivers and schedule iBots to provide users with the data they need. Arrange meetings for quick user acceptance. 

B. Organize architecture and directly implement Oracle BI Sales Analytics centrally. Define one user group and schedule iBots to provide this group with the data it needs. Arrange meetings for quick user acceptance. 

C. As Answer A, but check and reuse existing user groups 

D. As Answer A, but installed de-centrally 

E. As Answer B, but installed de-centrally 

Answer: C 

Q45. During what phase does DAC calculate the sequence of the tasks listed under the selected subject area? 

A. when you 'synchronize" the tasks 

B. when you "generate parameters" for an execution plan 

C. when you "assemble" the subject area 

D. when you "build" the execution plan 

Answer: C 

Q46. Which module is not covered in BI Applications for EBS? 

A. Financial Analytics 

B. HR Analytics 

C. Procurement and Spend Analytics 

D. Marketing Analytics 

Answer: D 

Q47. By default how many aging buckets are configured for Accounts Payable/Receivables Aging reports? 

A. One 

B. Two 

C. Three 

D. Four 

Answer: D