Exam Code: 1Z0-531 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Essbase 11 Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 May 1Z0-531 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. How are the ASO data files managed?

A. Page files

B. Index files

C. Table spaces

D. Bin files

Answer: C

Q2. You notice that your reports are running slower than before and realized that nothing in terms of data volume or dimension members has changed. You also checked the log file and found that no one ran any calculation.

Which two would you look for to diagnose the cause of this slower response time?

A. Run a MaxL comment to see if the database is fragmented

B. Check when was the last time the application was stopped

C. Check the data cache setting

D. Check the commit-level setting

Answer: AC

Q3. What is the correct variance formula for an ASO database that recognizes Expense and Non- expense accounts?

A. @Var(Actual, Budget);

B. @Var([Actual],[Budget])

C. [Actual] - [Budget]

D. [Budget] -[ Actual]

E. IIF (IsUda([Measures.currentmember], "Expense"), [Budget]-[Actual], [Actual]-[Budget])

Answer: E

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Updated 1Z0-531 vce:

Q4. With an average block density greater than 90%.

A. You should reconsider the dense and sparse settings

B. You should consider no compression

C. You should set Commit blocks to

D. You should reconsider the outline order of dimensions

Answer: B

Q5. Which two are Essbase components?

A. Essbase server

B. Administration services


D. Web Analysis

E. Financial reporting

Answer: AB

Q6. A calculation script is performed on a database for which Create Block on Equation is OFF. The command SET CREATEBLOCKONEQ ON is issued immediately before an equation in the script.

Which statement accurately describe when blocks will be created?

A. Blocks will be created ONLY when the equation assigns non-constant values to members of a sparse dimension

B. Blocks will be created ONLY when the equation assigns constant values to members of a sparse dimension

C. Blocks will be created when the equation assigns either constant or non-constant values to members of a sparse dimension.

D. No blocks will be created.

Answer: AC


Exact 1Z0-531 vce:

Q7. You have a reporting requirement to track and report the employee status for employees in your workforce ASO Essbase database. Employee status can change over time. One report requires employees down the rows and employee status across the columns.

What is the best solution to meet the all of the requirements?

A. Separate Employee status dimension

B. Text List

C. Smart List

D. Attribute dimension

E. Varying attribute dimension

F. Alternate hierarchy

G. User defined attribute

Answer: D

Q8. Identify the five true statements.

A. CALC DIM is faster than AGG on Sparse dimensions

B. AGG is faster than CALC DIM on Sparse dimensions

C. CALC DIM calculates member formulas

D. AGG calculates member formulas

E. CALC DIM calculates Sparse dimensions

F. AGG calculates Sparse dimensions

G. CALC DIM calculates Dense dimensions

H. AGG calculates Dense dimensions

Answer: BCEFG

Q9. The data block density for a particular BSO database is between 10% and 90%, and data values within the block do not consecutively repeat. Which type of compression would be most appropriate to use?

A. Bitmap



D. No compression required

Answer: A

Q10. Identify the two true statements about incremental loading.

A. Allows for real time data access for end users.

B. Creates *subscribes* along the main slice in the database.

C. Materialization of slices is required to provide users the correct query results.

D. Different materialized views may exist within a slice as compared to the main slice of the database.

Answer: AC