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2021 May 1Z0-531 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. Given the following information, what is the block size?

A. 400 KB

B. 400 Bytes

C. 1056 KB

D. 50 Bytes

E. 1056 Bytes

F. 50 KB

G. 70 KB

Answer: B

Q42. Market size is an attribute dimension with the following members: Large, Medium, and Small.

Which of the following options below represent valid syntax statements in a calc script?


B. Calc Dim (Accounts, Markets, "Market Size");

C. Calc Dim (Accounts, Markets, Market Size);

D. FIX(Large)

Answer: AC

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Q43. In Essbase 11.1.1, what are two possible ways to calculate Period to Date values in ASO?

A. Enable Dynamic Time Series

B. Analytic dimension with member formulas to calculate period to date values

C. Alternate hierarchy in Time dimension to rollup period to date values

D. Create a Date Time dimension

Answer: BC

Q44. What security filter will assign security to hierarchy, filtering the members displayed to end users?

A. Read Filter

B. Write Filter

C. Metaread Filter

D. Metadata Filter

E. Not possible to secure dimensions; only data can be secured

Answer: C

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Q45. Identify the two true statements about data loads to ASO and BSO databases.

A. Data can only be loaded to level 0 members in ASO database where BSO allows data loads to upper level members.

B. Cells at all levels can be loaded (except Dynamic Calc members) for both ASO and BSO.

C. After an ASO data load, no further calculation is required.

D. Concurrent loads are supported for both ASO and BSO

Answer: AC

Q46. Identify the four true statements about attribute dimensions

A. Attributes allow cross tab reports with other dims

B. Attributes are assigned to dense dimensions

C. Attributes are stored

D. Attributes are dynamically calculated

E. Security can be assigned by attribute dimension

F. Even though ASO databases allow many dimensions, attribute dimensions are still available and used in aggregate storage option databases

Answer: ADEF

Q47. Which statement related to Essbase design is true?

A. Calc scripts are more efficient at performing calculations vs. member unary operators and member formulas

B. One big application is better than three smaller focused applications.

C. Attribute dimensions require less performance consideration in ASO databases because they are treated as alternate rollups

D. Attribute dimensions require less performance consideration in BSO databases because they are dynamically calculated

E. Bigger block sizes are better than smaller block sizes

Answer: D

Q48. What are the three rules for Shared Members in ASO?

A. A Multiple Hierarchy Enabled dimension can have shared members.

B. When a hierarchy is tagged Multiple Hierarchies Enabled, it must be store.

C. The alternate hierarchy has shared members that refer to nonshared members of previous hierarchies in the outline.

D. The shared members roll up according to a different hierarchy from the nonshared members to which they refer.

Answer: ACD