Exam Code: 1Z0-532 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11 Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 Jun 1Z0-532 Study Guide Questions:

Q21. Identify the three true statements about Financial Reporting. 

A. Financial Reporting provides highly formatted, printable reports for FM applications. 

B. Financial Reporting provides ad hoc reporting capabilities for FM applications. 

C. Financial Reporting document types include reports, books, snapshots, and snapshot books. 

D. You can create a single P&L report and run that report for any member in the Entity dimension 

Answer: ACD 

Q22. Assuming you are using HFM Version, identify the three true statements about Calculation Manager. 

A. FMRulesMigrator.exe will migrate VB scripts into business rules in Calculation Manager. 

B. There is no utility to migrate VB script rules to Calculation Manager. 

C. In Calculation Manager, you can toggle back and forth between the graphical and script mode. 

D. In Calculation Manager, you can create one script that can execute against both a Financial Management application and Planning application. 

E. To use a business rule, you must validate and deploy the business rule. 

Answer: ACD 

Q23. Into which Value dimension member can a journal be entered? 

A. [Parent Adjs] 

B. <Child Curr Adjs> 

C. [Entity Adjs] 

D. <Entity Currency> 

E. [USD] 

Answer: A 

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Abreast of the times 1Z0-532 test:

Q24. Which clearing data using the Database Management module, dimension is not included for selection? 

A. Scenario 

B. Account 

C. Custom1 

D. Entity 

E. Value 

Answer: C 

Q25. Given the following syntax in a business rule: Identify the two variables. 

A. Calculate () 

B. strview 

C. Hs.Exp 


E. strPOV 

Answer: BE 

Q26. Identify the three true statements about I/C activity. 

A. Intercompany transactions are eliminated at the first common parent. 

B. Intercompany transactions can be processed for both open and closed periods. 

C. Matching tolerances can be set by percent, dollar amount, or both. 

D. Eliminations are processed during both Calculation and Consolidation processes. 

E. I/C reports are available to display transactions by status-Matched, Mismatched, or Unmatched. 

Answer: ACE 


Tested 1Z0-532 secret:

Q27. The file format load journals to FM can include which four sections? 

A. File Format 

B. Scenario 

C. Journal Group 

D. Standard 

Answer: ABCD 

Q28. A Classic FM application profile contains which three components? 

A. Frequency 

B. Calendar 

C. Dimension Associations 

D. Language(s) 

E. Scenario 

Answer: ABD 

Q29. In addition to Sub translate routine, which two application settings are also used for translate? 

A. DefaultRateForICPAccounts 

B. DefaultRateForBalanceAccounts 

C. DefaultRateForExpenseAccounts 

D. DefaultRateForFlowAccounts 

Answer: BD 

Q30. Identify the three true statements about ERP Integrator (ERPI). 

A. ERPI supports PeopleSoft, Oracle E-Business Suite and SAP. 

B. ERPI integrates metadata and data from ERP source system into an Oracle Hyperion EPM target application. 

C. ERPI provides drill through from Financial Management data forms, Smart View, and Financial Reporting. 

D. ERPI provides drill through to BI Dashboards. 

E. ERPI under the covers is Oracle Data Integrator. 

Answer: ABD