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Q11. What four functions can Administrators use the Copy Data feature In Planning to do? 

A. Copy data values from one dimensional intersection to another dimensional intersection. 

B. Copy planning unit annotations. 

C. Copy supporting detail. 

D. Copy cell text. 

E. Copy account annotations. 

Answer: ACDE 

Q12. A planner is supposed to be able to submit data within a data form. 

What are all the possible causes for an end user not being able to enter data on a data form? Select all that apply. 

A. The planning unit is set to first pass. 

B. Another user owns the planning unit. 

C. The user has read access to the members on the data form. 

D. The form contains summary-level members in a bottom up version. 

E. The form is set to Read Only. 

Answer: CDE 

Q13. Identify the three true statements about attribute dimensions. 

A. Planning supports hierarchies and aliases for attribute dimensions. 

B. Planning supports all attribute types (for example. Boolean, Date, Text). 

C. Planning supports varying attributes (where an attribute can vary over one or more other dimensions). 

D. Attribute dimensions can be assigned to dense dimensions. 

E. Attribute dimensions may only be assigned to one base dimension. 

Answer: ABE 

Q14. What are two user interfaces to Planning data forms? 

A. EPM Workspace 

B. Excel Add-in 

C. Smart View Essbase Provider 

D. Smart View Planning Provider 

E. Planning ADM Driver for FR 

Answer: AD 

Q15. You are designing a new Planning application. Which two requirements dictate multiple plan types in a single Planning application? 

A. Multiple currencies are required. 

B. Currency rates must be kept in a separate database. 

C. Sales are planned by product and channel, and salary expenses are planned by position. 

D. Security is applied to the Entity dimension but can differ for users for accounts "sales" and "expenses". 

E. You have decided to implement the Capital Expense planning module in addition to PSL budgeting. 

F. Data cannot be shared across the Organization dimension. 

Answer: CE 

Q16. Product status is a data element you need to include in your Planning application. Each product will have a product status that can vary over time. You will use product status in calculations and will need to report sales by product status and across products in a cross tab format. 

What is the best way to meet all of these requirements? 

A. Define Product Status as a Smart List. 

B. Define Product Status as a Separate Dimension. 

C. Define Product Status as an Attribute. 

D. Define Product Status as a Varying Attribute. 

E. Define Product Status as an alternate hierarchy in the Product dimension. 


Q17. Identify the three true statements about weekly distribution. 

A. For Weekly Distribution options 445, 454, 544, the quarterly values are treated as if they are divided into 13 weeks and the weeks are distributed via a pattern you specify. 

B. The only valid weekly distribution options are 445, 454, and 544. 

C. If you select the 4-5-4 Weekly distribution option, Planning treats the first month in the quarter as if it has 4 weeks, the second month as If it has 5 weeks, and the third month as if it has 4 weeks. 

D. If you choose weekly distribution for Custom-based time periods. Planning will not distribute the data values across base periods. 

E. Weekly distribution determines how data entered into summary periods should spread to its base periods. 

Answer: ACE 

Q18. Identify the two true statements about a sparse Entity dimension In Hyperion Planning. 

A. You cannot build alternate rollups or assign custom attributes. 

B. Base currencies are assigned to entity members. 

C. Exchange rates are assigned to entity members. 

D. Entity along with Scenario and Period make up a planning unit. 

E. Entity along with Scenario and Version make up a planning unit. 

Answer: BE 

Q19. What option contributes to making an Enhanced Calc Script more flexible than a native Essbase Calc Script? 

A. Run on Save 

B. @CALCMODE function 

C. Run time prompts 

D. Can be run over the web 

E. Substitution Variables 

F. Custom Defined Functions 


Q20. The budget office analyst needs to enter and plan data, use the Planning spreading feature that allow users to spread budget data based on last year's actuals, and modify data forms. What two roles should be provisioned for this user? 

A. Grid Spread 

B. Planner 

C. Interactive User 

D. Mass Allocate 

E. Offline User 

Answer: BC