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2021 May 1Z0-533 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. A planner is supposed to be able to submit data within a data form. 

What are all the possible causes for an end user not being able to enter data on a data form? Select all that apply. 

A. The planning unit is set to first pass. 

B. Another user owns the planning unit. 

C. The user has read access to the members on the data form. 

D. The form contains summary-level members in a bottom up version. 

E. The form is set to Read Only. 

Answer: CDE 

Q42. Identify the three characteristics of the Scenarios dimension. 

A. Security can be assigned to members of the Scenario dimension. 

B. It allows the administrator to assign valid periods for data entry 

C. It allows bottoms up or target planning 

D. Exchange rate tables are tied to the Scenario dimension. 

E. One member in the scenario dimension may be valid for Plan Type. 

Answer: ABD 


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Q43. Identify the correct set of required dimensions for Planning. 

A. Account 

B. Entity 

C. Version 

D. Years and Periods combined into one dimension 

E. Scenario 

F. Minimum one user-defined dimension 

Answer: ABCDE 

Q44. Identify the two true statements about a sparse Entity dimension In Hyperion Planning. 

A. You cannot build alternate rollups or assign custom attributes. 

B. Base currencies are assigned to entity members. 

C. Exchange rates are assigned to entity members. 

D. Entity along with Scenario and Period make up a planning unit. 

E. Entity along with Scenario and Version make up a planning unit. 

Answer: BE 


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Q45. What are two user interfaces to Planning data forms? 

A. EPM Workspace 

B. Excel Add-in 

C. Smart View Essbase Provider 

D. Smart View Planning Provider 

E. Planning ADM Driver for FR 

Answer: AD 

Q46. Which three tasks can be performed using the Smart View Planning Provider in Microsoft Excel? 

A. Open a data form and submit data. 

B. enter supporting detail and cell text. 

C. Run business rules. 

D. enter planning unit annotations. 

E. Perform workflow tasks. 

Answer: ABC

Q47. Given the following: 

Measures (Dense): 40 stored members, 50 total members 

Time (Dense): 17 stored members, 17 total members 

Scenario (Dense): 2 stored members, 5 total members 

Market (Sparse): 100 stored members, 100 total members 

Product (Sparse): 500 stored members, 550 total members 

How many potential blocks could be created? 

A. Potential Blocks = 40 * 17*2 

B. Potential Blocks = 40* 17*2*8 

C. Potential Blocks = 100 * 500 

D. Potential Blocks = 100 * 500 * 8 

E. Potential Blocks = 100 * 550 

F. Potential Blocks = 100 * 550 * 8 

Answer: C 

Q48. Identify two ways that Essbase data load rules cannot manipulate source data files. 

A. Select or reject records based on certain criteria. 

B. Flip the sign for records with a certain member tagged with a comment. 

C. Split or join columns in a source. 

D. Find and replace manipulations on source records. 

E. Map data based on an external table. 

Answer: CE