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Q31. ACME Company plans to install one EnterpriseOne HTML Server (JAS) per environment. Which statement is FALSE regarding each EnterpriseOne HTML Server (JAS) instance?

A. Must have a unique System Foundation TCP/IP port.

B. Must have its own unique JAS.INI file

C. Must have unique sets of Serialized Objects tables.

D. Can share a single System DataSource

E. Can share a single HTTP Server

Answer: C

Q32. EnterpriseOne OMW projects migrate through the development life cycle by activity rule definitions. According to the standard El activity rules, which project status promotion would migrate objects from the DV path code/environment to the PY path code/environment?

A. 11->21

B. 21->26

C. 26->28

D. 28->38

E. 38->01

Answer: B

Q33. ACME has built a full package and noticed there was a problem with the server package build process for one of the business function objects, B9840 included in CINSTALL library, as it reported 'ERROR' in the R9622.pdf. Which log file on an Intel Enterprise Server should be examined to determine the cause of the business function compile problem?

A. SvrPkgBuild.log

B. JDE.log


D. B9840.err


Answer: A

Q34. EnterpriseOne provides Server Manager as its interface where administrators can capture vital resource information of running EnterpriseOne kernels. Which two diagnostic types can be captured as part of the resource manager?


B. Disk I/O

C. Memory

D. Paging

E. Users

Answer: AC

Q35. The EnterpriseOne HTML server utilizes serialized object specifications maintained in two tables (F989999 and F989998) for each path code. In order for an HTML server to be synchronized with object specifications in the serialized objects, which two have to be set to the current deployed package name?

A. Spec.ini on the HTML server designating the package name

B. Columns in the F989999 and F989998 for each record designating the package name

C. Generated manifest record in the F989999 designating the package name

D. Contents of the F98770 table designating the package name

E. JAS.INI file on the HTML server designating the package name

Answer: B

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Q36. What three object types are promoted via Object Management Workbench (OMW)?


B. User Overrides

C. Data Dictionary Item

D. Favorites

E. Serialized Objects

Answer: ABC

Q37. In the absence of the Environment Director, you need to create a new path code, SB900, which is a copy of PD900. Which tasks are required? Select three.

A. Create a new Environment definition in Environment Master for SB900

B. Copy the Central Objects - PD900 database to Central Objects - SB900 via the R98403

C. Copy the Business Data - PROD database to Business Data - SB via the R98403

D. Create a Path Code definition in Path Code Master for SB900

E. Copy the PD900 directory on the Deployment Server to an new SB900 directory

Answer: BCE

Q38. The EnterpriseOne Scheduler server kernel does NOT:

A. Launch jobs at scheduled times

B. Monitor the progress and ending states of scheduled jobs

C. Launch batch processes in a server/environment/user combination

D. Monitor all batch processing

E. Dispatch functions every minute

Answer: C

Q39. ACME has completed their EnterpriseOne installation and would like to apply the North America Business Accelerator in order to pre-configure the system for usage. Which is the proper way to launch the OBA?

A. On the Deployment Server through Software Updates

B. Stand alone installation on the Deployment Server

C. On the Deployment Server through the OBA Application

D. On the Deployment Server through Change Assistant

E. On the Deployment Server through Configuration Assistant

Answer: D

Q40. EnterpriseOne OMW allowed actions define which owner type can do which action at specific project statuses or during change of project status. According to the standard El allowed actions, which action can a Developer role do when the project status is at 25?

A. Remove Objects

B. Status Change

C. Transfer

D. Add Objects

E. Get

Answer: B