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Q31. Regardless of the platform choice, Work with Server Jobs is the key mechanism to review the status of a UBE job that has been submitted to server. Which is an invalid job status that could be found for jobs submitted to a server?

A. D - Done

B. S - In Queue

C. P- Processing

D. F - Failed

E. E - Error

Answer: D

Q32. In order to create a supported production-ready Portal Server for EnterpriseOne, which three must be present (regardless of Collaborative or Oracle Portal)?

A. Visual Studio C++ Compiler

B. J2EE Application Server - OAS, WebSphere or WebLogic

C. JDeveloper


E. Relational Database Repository

Answer: CDE

Q33. In the absence of the Environment Director, you need to create a new path code, SB900, which is a copy of PD900. Which tasks are required? Select three.

A. Create a new Environment definition in Environment Master for SB900

B. Copy the Central Objects - PD900 database to Central Objects - SB900 via the R98403

C. Copy the Business Data - PROD database to Business Data - SB via the R98403

D. Create a Path Code definition in Path Code Master for SB900

E. Copy the PD900 directory on the Deployment Server to an new SB900 directory

Answer: BCE

Q34. Which statement is FALSE regarding best practices for installing EnterpriseOne Deployment Server?

A. All of the servers participating in the solution must meet specified minimum technical requirements.

B. The OOBC Data Sources must be configured prior to beginning the installation.

C. Disk space has been checked to ensure appropriate capacity is available for the desired installation components.

D. The latest planner ESU should be installed prior to starting the PLAN.

E. The hardware servers participating in the solution have been properly sized by an authorized hardware vendor.

Answer: D

Q35. When establishing an EnterpriseOne Portal, there must be a separate EnterpriseOne instance that acts as the "provider" for Web services user interface. What should this Instance be?

A. EnterpriseOne Transaction Server

B. Instance created for a manually deployed EnterpriseOne Portal WAR file

C. EnterpriseOne Portal instance created via Server Manager D. EnterpriseOne HTML Server

E. EnterpriseOne Business Services Server

Answer: E

Q36. After a full package has been built and is deployed on the same Enterprise Server, where do the runtime business function libraries get copied from?

A. The <path code>\bin32 directory on the deployment server

B. The <path code>\<package>\bin32 directory on the deployment server

C. The <path code>\bin32 directory on the build machine

D. The <package>\bin32 directory on the enterprise server

E. The <path code>\<package>\bin32 directory on the enterprise server

Answer: D

Q37. EnterpriseOne Application Servers must have their services started prior to running a UBE or executing a business function. When starting the EnterpriseOne service, if there is a problem, where is the best location to look for reasons for the issue?

A. Log files in the system\bin32 directory

B. PDFs in the printqueue

C. Server Manager for the Enterprise Server managed instance

D. HTML server log files

E. The logs directory on the enterprise server as defined by thejde.ini

Answer: A

Q38. What configuration option is NOT required for Object Management Workbench (OMW) to function?

A. Activity Rules

B. User Roles

C. Constants

D. Allowed Actions

E. Save Location

Answer: D

Q39. When defining a new Full Package definition for a development workstation, which two are NOT required to be included in the definition?

A. Foundation

B. Database

C. Objects

D. Features

E. Parent Package

Answer: BC

Q40. When deploying a Full Package to an Enterprise Server, what defines the location of the object specifications to be used during runtime that the package deployment modifies?

A. The path code spec directory

B. The package spec directory



E. The spec.ini file in the package spec directory

Answer: E