Exam Code: 1Z0-550 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9 Configurable Network Computing Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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Q21. ACME has built a full package and noticed there was a problem with the package build process for one of the objects. What table retains the history records that the Package History application utilizes?

A. F9603

B. F96225

C. F9650

D. F9651

E. F98825

Answer: B

Q22. Which of the following settings must be configured AFTER creating the Business Services Server instance because it is not included as an option during the Business Services Server instance creation?

A. Security Server

B. Enterprise Server Name

C. Enterprise Server Port

D. System Datasource Name

E. Database Type

Answer: E

Q23. ACME is evaluating updating their current environment with the latest EnterpriseOne Update for their release and is concerned that many of their modifications will not carry forward. Which modification violates standard EnterpriseOne Modification Rule Standards and will be COMPLETELY lost during the upgrade?

A. New Interactive Application with system code 55

B. Modification to existing EnterpriseOne Named Event Rule

C. Modification to existing EnterpriseOne C Business Function

D. New Version for an existing EnterpriseOne UBE Report

E. User Overrides

Answer: E

Q24. EnterpriseOne provides interfaces where administrators can view information regarding EnterpriseOne. Which two applications can you use to monitor EnterpriseOne?

A. BMC Patrol

B. Netview

C. Server Manager

D. Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control


Answer: CE

Q25. In a traditional EnterpriseOne installation, User Overrides contain runtime override changes for several lirterent functions. In what format are the changes stored in the User Overrides table (F98590)?

A. TAM in Blob Record

B. Java in Blob Record

C. XML in Blob Record

D. Standard Record

E. Serialized Object in Blob Record

Answer: C

Q26. When assigning a role to a user profile, which two options are available?

A. Include in *ALL

B. Role sequence/hierarchy for the user

C. Effective dates

D. Role definition

E. Role security override

Answer: CD

Q27. What three object types are promoted via Object Management Workbench (OMW)?


B. User Overrides

C. Data Dictionary Item

D. Favorites

E. Serialized Objects

Answer: ABC

Q28. ACME has created a Training (TR900) environment based on Production Objects and Prototype Data. To minimize databases and data sources, which is the best Path Code to associate with the environment?

A. TR900

B. PD900

C. PY90Q

D. JD900

E. DV900

Answer: B

Q29. Consider this command:

setup.exe -p package_name -t Compact -d installpath

This command deploys:

A. package package_name to EnterpriseOne Application Server named Compact.

B. development objects of package package_name to install path.

C. production objects of package package_name to install path.

D. development objects of package package_name to install path in silent installation mode.

E. production objects of package package_name to install path in silent installation mode.

Answer: A

Q30. EnterpriseOne OMW allowed actions define which owner type can do which action at specific project statuses or during change of project status. According to the standard El allowed actions, which action can a Developer role do when the project status is at 25?

A. Remove Objects

B. Status Change

C. Transfer

D. Add Objects

E. Get

Answer: B