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2021 May 1Z0-550 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. Which are the two main feature option types for installing the EnterpriseOne Platform Pack?

A. Logic Path Codes

B. JDBC Driver

C. Path Code Databases

D. Data Sources

E. Deployment Server Location

Answer: AC

Q12. Which JDE.INI configuration setting redirects UBE file output?

A. DefaultPrinterOutQ

B. UBEQueue

C. SaveOutput

D. OutputDirectory

E. Printlmmediate

Answer: D

Q13. When building a new Update Package that includes multiple objects (including applications, UBEs, and business functions), which directory will NOT have files updated with the latest objects In the parent package on the deployment server?

A. bin32

B. include

C. make

D. source

E. spec

Answer: A

Rebirth 1Z0-550 practice test:

Q14. ACME is evaluating updating their current environment with the latest EnterpriseOne Update for their release and is concerned that many of their modifications will not carry forward. Which modification violates standard EnterpriseOne Modification Rule Standards and will be COMPLETELY lost during the upgrade?

A. New Interactive Application with system code 55

B. Modification to existing EnterpriseOne Named Event Rule

C. Modification to existing EnterpriseOne C Business Function

D. New Version for an existing EnterpriseOne UBE Report

E. User Overrides

Answer: E

Q15. Regardless of the platform choice, Work with Server Jobs is the key mechanism to review the status of a UBE job that has been submitted to server. Which is an invalid job status that could be found for jobs submitted to a server?

A. D - Done

B. S - In Queue

C. P- Processing

D. F - Failed

E. E - Error

Answer: D

Q16. Which statement is FALSE regarding best practices for installing EnterpriseOne Deployment Server?

A. All of the servers participating in the solution must meet specified minimum technical requirements.

B. The OOBC Data Sources must be configured prior to beginning the installation.

C. Disk space has been checked to ensure appropriate capacity is available for the desired installation components.

D. The latest planner ESU should be installed prior to starting the PLAN.

E. The hardware servers participating in the solution have been properly sized by an authorized hardware vendor.

Answer: D

Exact 1Z0-550 pack:

Q17. Which of the following settings must be configured AFTER creating the Business Services Server instance because it is not included as an option during the Business Services Server instance creation?

A. Security Server

B. Enterprise Server Name

C. Enterprise Server Port

D. System Datasource Name

E. Database Type

Answer: E

Q18. Change Assistant offers the EnterpriseOne administrator another dynamic utility to be able to search for, download, and apply software updates of all varieties for EnterpriseOne. When installing Change Assistant, which three are required in order to use Change Assistant to download and apply ESUs?

A. Java Runtime Environment (JRE.

B. EnterpriseOne Development Client

C. JDBC Driver

D. EnterpriseOne Deployment Server

E. Configuration Assistant

Answer: ABD

Q19. ACME is working on setting up security for *PUBLIC, individual users, and roles. When JOE user has two roles assigned to him: Role1=APUSER sequence 10 and Role2=APADMIN sequence 15) and signs in with the *ALL role, what is the hierarchy that security records read when a user attempts to access an application or perform an action?

A. User -> *PUBLIC -> Role1 -> Role2

B. User -> *PUBLIC -> Role2 -> Role1

C. User -> Role1 -> Role2-> *PUBLIC

D. User -> Role2 -> Role1-> *PUBLIC

E. *PUBLIC -> User -> Role1 -> Role2

Answer: C

Q20. When deploying a Full Package to an Enterprise Server, what defines the location of the object specifications to be used during runtime that the package deployment modifies?

A. The path code spec directory

B. The package spec directory



E. The spec.ini file in the package spec directory

Answer: E