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Q21. What JDeveloper facility is being described in the paragraph below? “It allows you to create multiple connections to one or more otherwise unrelated repositories so that you can browse their contents. It provides a Search tool to enable you to search all the defined repositories. If you find resources that your project may need to consume, you can drag those resources into your application as needed." 

A. Database Navigator 

B. ADF Library JAR file 

C. a version-control tool, such as Subversion 

D. resource catalog 

E. Application Resources accordion 

Answer: D 

Q22. Where do you register the resource bundles for an application? 

A. in the adfc-config.xmlfile for the application 

B. in the Resource Palette 

C. in the ViewController project for the application 

D. in the faces-config.xml file for the application 

E. in the Resource Catalog 

Answer: D 

Q23. When granting a user or role access to a group of pages, it is best practice to grant that access to what type of file or component? 

A. Page definition file 

B. Bounded task flow including the page(s) 

C. Unbounded task flow including the page(s) 

D. jspx file 

E. Entity objects included in the UI 

Answer: A 

Q24. Which type of object is being described here? “They handle events or some manipulation of data that is best handled at the front end. They are bash ally java classes with a no arg constructor that you register with the application in task flow files.” 

A. Task flows 

B. Event listeners 

C. Action methods 

D. Managed beans 

E. Contextual events 

F. Backing beans 

Answer: D 

Q25. Identify two ways to create a bounded task flow. 

A. by using the New Gallery 

B. by converting an unbounded task flow 

C. by adding task flow components to adfc-config.xml 

D. by extracting part of an existing task flow 

E. by dragging a task flow component from the Component Palette 

Answer: AD 

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Abreast of the times 1Z0-554 question:

Q26. What are the two main component properties that you need to set to enable PPR? 

A. ValueChangeListener 

B. Rendered 

C. AttributeChangeListener 

D. AutoSubmit 

E. PartialTriggers 

F. RefreshCondition 

Answer: DE 

Q27. How is the view activities in a bounded task flow used when dropped onto a page? 

A. as page fragments that are rendered within a region 

B. as. jspx pages that contain task flow calls 

C. as page fragments that contain an f:view tag 

D. as . jsff pages that are rendered within a module 

E. as a .jspx page that is defined as a template 

Answer: A 

Q28. Which component stores application page changes in xml documents and merges the changes during the rendering of the page? 

A. WebCenter Framework 

B. WebCenter Services 

C. Metadata Services 

D. WebCenter Spaces 

E. Portals 

Answer: B 

Q29. In which two places do you configure managed beans? 

A. In the page definition file 

B. In the faces-config.xml file 

C. In the adfc-config.xml file 

D. In the Property Inspector 

E. In the task flow definition files 

Answer: BD 

Q30. You want to convert adefault set of business components for Departments into service interface. Which two components would you use to do this? 

A. Application module, entity object 

B. Entity object, associations 

C. Entity object, view object 

D. Application module, view object 

E. View object, view links 

Answer: A