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2021 Sep 1Z0-559 latest exam

Q1. You are about to enable maintenance mode on the Desktop Provider storage servers. Which statement correctly describes the desktop state at this point? 

A. Thedesktops hosted on the storage are migrated to storage attached to a different DesktopProvider. 

B. All new desktop clonesforthatDesktop Provider are rerouted tootherDesktop Providers. 

C. The storage is disabled and the desktops are either suspended or shutdown.The desktopsareunavailable until the server is re-enabled. 

D. Any new access to any Desktop Provider within Oracle VDI is suspended until the maintenance modeis completed and the servers are re-enabled. 

Answer: C 

Reference: 8.6.2) 

Q2. Sun Ray connector for windows RDP settings can be configured through the VDI admin GUI or the command line. What is the correct option for enabling upstream audio? 

A. –r soundin:on B. –r soundin:high C. –r sound:in 

D. –r sound:high 

Answer: B 


Q3. All hosts in the same Oracle VDI center must use the same  . 

A. amount of RAM 

B. CPU speeds 

C. storage provider 

D. operating system 

E. disk size 

Answer: D 

Reference: Supported installation platforms for Oracle VDI, first para) 

Q4. Which three statements are true when implementing personal hard drives? 

A. The assignment type for desktops in the pool must be manual. 

B. The Desktop Provider type must be either Oracle VM VirtualBox or Microsoft Hyper-V. 

C. Thedesktop must be a Microsoft Windows desktop. 

D. System preparation must be enabled for the pool. 

E. The userdirectory must be Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition. 

Answer: B,C,D 


personal-hard-drives(5.7.9, see the bulleted points) 

Q5. Which two Hypervisor platforms allow template modifications from Oracle VDI manager? 

A. Oracle VM VirtualBox 

B. Citrix Xen Desktop 

C. Microsoft Remote Desktop Services 

D. Microsoft Hyper-V 

E. OracleVM Server 

Answer: A,D 


Refresh 1Z0-559 real exam:

Q6. Identity three Kiosk Session types that are provided by Oracle. 

A. Sun Java Desktop System 3 

B. Flexible Kiosk Mode 

C. Sun Virtual Desktop Access 

D. VMware View Manager Session 

E. Web Kiosk Mode Browser 

F. Generic X Session 

Answer: A,C,F 

Reference: the image) 

Q7. If you wanted to configure a high availability Oracle VDI center, what steps would you need to take to complete the task? 

A. Configure a primary host, add a secondary host, and the high availability is automatically configured 

B. Configureaprimary host,add asecondary host, and then run the command; vda-config-s 

C. Configure a primary host, add a secondary host, and then on the primary host run the command;vda-config -ha <secondary.server> 

D. Configureaprimary host,configure a secondary host, and then on the secondary host run the command;vda-config-ha 

Answer: A 


Q8. Which two methods can be used to create specific group of users that can be assigned to a pool of desktop in Oracle VDI? 

A. Createanow directory group on theLDAPor ADserver 

B. Create a custom group filter within the Oracle to VDI Center 

C. Create a custom group by using the Sun Ray server AdministrationGUI 

D. Add specificusernames to the Group key in the MySQLdatabase 

E. Create a now groupin /etc/groups and add user names to it 

Answer: B,C 


Q9. Identify the correct statement about the Sun Ray pop-up GUI functionality. 

A. The pop-up GUI is activated with the Stop-G or Ctrl-Pause-G keyboard keys. 

B. You cannot configure static network configurations. 

C. Parameters received from DHCP take precedence over local configuration settings. 

D. The Pop-up GUI is used to configure IPsec settings. 

Answer: A 

Reference: 121) 

Q10. Which Oracle VDI architecture tier is responsible for interacting with objects in the user directory? 

A. Virtualization 

B. Desktop Access 

C. Management 

D. Storage 

Answer: B