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2021 Sep 1Z0-559 actual test

Q21. Your customer is concerned about data loss if their Sun ZFS Storage system was to ever reboot. What could you do to minimize this risk? 

A. Enable the write cache in Oracle VDI onall iSCSIvolumes toprevent dataloss 

B. Install read-optimized SSDs, make sure the disk size is small, so thatif onefails,onlyasmallportion of datalossoccurs 

C. Disable the write cachein Oracle VDItominimizethe risk of data loss 

D. Disable theZFS intentlog to preserve data during storage failure 

Answer: A 


Q22. Your customer would like role-based administration set up. Which statement regarding Oracle VDI role-based administration is correct? 

A. Although the rootuser is the default OracleVDIadministrator, additional OracleVDI administrators mustbe valid usersin the CompanyLDAPdirectory servicebefore assigningthemrole- based privileges. 

B. Although the rootuser is thedefaultOracleVDIadministrator, additional OracleVDI administrators can beany valid user on an Oracle VDI host. 

C. The rootuserthe onlyOracleVDIadministrator allowed privileges, however, you can varythoseprivileges according tothe type ofrole. 

D. Although the rootuser is thedefaultOracle VDIadministrator, any domain adminuser is automaticallyelevated to OracleVDIadministrator. 

Answer: C 


Q23. Users are complaining that when they disconnect from their desktop by using the X button from the Sun Ray Windows connector toolbar at the top of the screen they are getting logged out of their session. They want to get to the Desktop Selector Dialog when they click on that button. Which command will fix the problem they are having? 

A. /opt/SUNWvda/sbin/vda settings-setprops -pclient.logout.always=Disabled 

B. /opt/SUNWvda/sbin/vda settings-setprops -p client.disconnect.always=Disabled 

C. /opt/SUNWvda/sbin/vda settings-setprops -p client.logout.default=Enabled 

D. /opt/SUNWvda/sbin/vda settings-setprops -p client.disconnect.default=Enabled 

Answer: D 


Q24. Which statement is true with regards to Oracle VDI automatic installation? 

A. Oracle VDIincludes aninstallationscript to automate the installationof Oracle VDICoreSoftware. 

B. OracleVDI includes an installation script to automate only theinstallation of Oracle VDI,but not Sun Ray services or VirtualBox. 

C. OracleVDI includes an installation script to automate the installation of OracleVDICore Softwareand by defaultaremote MySQLdatabase. 

D. OracleVDIdoesnot include any installation scripts thatautomate theinstallation ofOracle VDI core. You must manually install all the tore pieces one by one. 

Answer: A 


Q25. Which key combinations can be used on a Sun Ray Client to check the firmware version currently installed? 

A. Props-M and Alt-Pause-M 

B. Stop-V and Ctrl-Pause-V 

C. Stop-C and Ctrl-Pause-C 

D. Stop-Fand Ctrl-Pause-F 

Answer: B 


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Far out 1Z0-559 exam question:

Q26. When assigning users to a Microsoft Remote Desktop Provider, the  . 

A. Users must be directly assigned totheMicrosoft Remote Desktop Service 

B. Users do not need to be assigned bethe pool directly. Instead, the useris assigned to theMicrosoftserver. 

C. Users cannotbe directly assigned to desktops.Instead, users or groups are assigned to Remote Desktop Services pools. 

D. Users cannotbeindividuallyassigned.Instead, you need to assign them to a custom group first. 

Answer: C 

Reference:http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E22905_01/PDF/VDIDemo/DemoMicrosoftRDS.pdf(page 8, how to assign users to pools or desktops, second para) 

Q27. Dynamic, Growing, and Manual pools apply to which two Desktop Provider types? 

A. Oracle VM VirtualBox 

B. Oracle VM server 

C. Microsoft Hyper-V 

D. Microsoft Remote Desktop Services 

E. Citrix Xen Desktop 

Answer: A,C 

Reference:http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E22905_01/PDF/VDIDemo/DemoMicrosoftRDS.pdf(see page 8, bulleted point#3) 

Q28. Which Oracle VIM component protocol has the highest requirement for network bandwidth? 






Answer: B 


Q29. The smart card has several functions when used with a Sun Ray client. Which function is not possible when using a smart card with a Sun Ray or Oracle Virtual Desktop Client (OVDC)? 

A. Access toaWindowsXPdesktop session with pin based certificate authentication 

B. Using OVDC withasmart card to connect to a desktop session 

C. Using a Proximity card readerconnected to a Sun Ray Client 

D. Access to PKI certificates stored on the smart card 

E. Connectinganexternal USB card reader to Sun Ray or OVDC 

Answer: A 


Q30. Which statement is true with regards to enabling personal hard drives? 

A. Personal hard drives are only added to desktops thatare cloned after the personal hard drive feature is enabled.Existing personal desktops are notaffected. 

B. Personal hard drivesareadded toall desktops present in the pool when the personal hard drivefeature is enabled. 

C. Personal hard drives need to be assigned to a user or group before the personal hard drive feature can be enabled. 

D. Personal hard drives are only enabled on existing desktops.The feature will need to be applied againit new desktops are cloned to the pool. 

Answer: C