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Q31. A customer has an IT group that needs to be able to plug in USB 2.0 devices. Which three steps do you need to take in order to allow USB redirection in a Windows 7 virtual machine? 

A. Prepare virtualmachinetemplate, ensuring thata USB 2.0 controlleris enabled on thevirtualmachine 

B. EnableUSB support in the Pool settings tab 

C. Create local useraccountsin the virtual machine 

D. Import the prepared virtual machine asatemplate into the Oracle VDI host 

E. It you are using VRDP, enable COM port mapping 

Answer: A,B,E 


Q32. Identify the correct statement about the Sun Ray pop-up GUI functionality. 

A. The pop-up GUI is activated with the Stop-G or Ctrl-Pause-G keyboard keys. 

B. You cannot configure static network configurations. 

C. Parameters received from DHCP take precedence over local configuration settings. 

D. The Pop-up GUI is used to configure IPsec settings. 


Reference: 121) 

Q33. Oracle VDI 3.4 enhances the video quality rendered by ALP, allowing HD quality on the Sun Ray 3 plus clients. How is this accomplished? 

A. The CPU on the Sun Ray clientis leveraged more on3.4compared to otherversions ofOracleVDI. 

B. The memory ofthe Sun Ray client does local decoding of the video streamfrom the Sun Ray server. 

C. TheGPU onthe Sun Rayclientdoes local decoding of the video stream from the Sun Ray server. 

D. The ALP protocol has beenmodified to automaticallyuse lossless compression when handling thevideo stream. 



Q34. Which statement is true with regards to enabling personal hard drives? 

A. Personal hard drives are only added to desktops thatare cloned after the personal hard drive feature is enabled.Existing personal desktops are notaffected. 

B. Personal hard drivesareadded toall desktops present in the pool when the personal hard drivefeature is enabled. 

C. Personal hard drives need to be assigned to a user or group before the personal hard drive feature can be enabled. 

D. Personal hard drives are only enabled on existing desktops.The feature will need to be applied againit new desktops are cloned to the pool. 



Q35. You are installing an Oracle VDI center that consists of a primary host only for a customer. Is this a supported configuration? 

A. Yes, only on Solaris10platforms. 

B. Yes,it issupported. 

C. Yes, butonly if you have a remote database configured. Otherwise, it is not supported. 

D. No, itis not supported unless it has a primary and secondary VDI host configured. 



Q36. Which Oracle VIM component protocol has the highest requirement for network bandwidth? 








Q37. Which pool type should be used if cloned desktop assignments are not desired? 

A. Dynamic Pool 

B. PersonalPool 

C. Manual Pool 

D. Growing Pool 


Reference: 8, see the manual pools bullet) 

Q38. You have two Sun Rays with MAC addresses AAA and BBB. You would like to configure them to form a multi-head (twin monitor) group. Which command would you use to achieve this? 

A. vdimhadm–a MySRGroup –p AAA –s BBB 

B. utmhadm –a MySRGroup –p AAA -1 AAA,BBB 

C. utmhconfig –a MySRGroup –p AAA -1 AAA,BBB 

D. utmhadm –a MySRGroup -1 AAA ; utmhadm –a MySRGroup -1 BBB 



Q39. One of the many benefits of Oracle VDI is that it allows you to install and configure the four elements of an Oracle VDI system on one server. This would be a solution that prioritizes . 

A. low cost over ease ofmanagement 

B. low cost with high availability 

C. lowcost over high availability 

D. applicationvirtualization 



Q40. Your customer would like role-based administration set up. Which statement regarding Oracle VDI role-based administration is correct? 

A. Although the rootuser is the default OracleVDIadministrator, additional OracleVDI administrators mustbe valid usersin the CompanyLDAPdirectory servicebefore assigningthemrole- based privileges. 

B. Although the rootuser is thedefaultOracleVDIadministrator, additional OracleVDI administrators can beany valid user on an Oracle VDI host. 

C. The rootuserthe onlyOracleVDIadministrator allowed privileges, however, you can varythoseprivileges according tothe type ofrole. 

D. Although the rootuser is thedefaultOracle VDIadministrator, any domain adminuser is automaticallyelevated to OracleVDIadministrator.