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Q11. Your customer is concerned about data loss if their Sun ZFS Storage system was to ever reboot. What could you do to minimize this risk? 

A. Enable the write cache in Oracle VDI onall iSCSIvolumes toprevent dataloss 

B. Install read-optimized SSDs, make sure the disk size is small, so thatif onefails,onlyasmallportion of datalossoccurs 

C. Disable the write cachein Oracle VDItominimizethe risk of data loss 

D. Disable theZFS intentlog to preserve data during storage failure 



Q12. Kerberos requires some specific configuration on the Active Directly server prior to setting up the user directory in the Oracle VDI Manager. Select three options that apply. 

A. Kerberos authentication must be enabledin Active Directory. 

B. The /etc/krb5/krb5.conf file must be enabled in Active Directory. 

C. Ensure that each ActiveDirectory forest has a global catalog server. 

D. You must set theForestFunctionalLevelto Windows2008 or Windows 2008R2 if theDomain Controller isrunning on a Microsoft Windows2008 or2008 R2server. 

E. Ensure thatthe Active Directory server has at least 4GB RAM and a 2.8GHz CPU minimum. 

Answer: A,C,D 

Reference: steps 1, 2 and 3) 

Q13. You have created a Windows 7 pool configured to use VRDP. You notice that color depth, mouse shadow, and menu animation settings have no effect. What is the reason for this? 

A. Microsoft does not support VRDP. 

B. You forgot to configure auto login. 

C. TheVRDP protocol does not support those options. 

D. VRDP connectsat the machine level rather than the OS level. 


Reference: performance settings and VRDP) 

Q14. Which two hypervisor options do not support template revision management from the Oracle VDI admin GUI? 

A. OracleVirtualBox 

B. Microsoft Windows2008Hyper-V 

C. VMware vSphere 

D. Citrix XenDesktop 

Answer: B,C 


52. Your users are complaining that their Sun Ray clients are no longer connecting to their Oracle VDI session. The users state that there is an hour glass on the screen and the OSD icon is showing the number 21. Which condition will cause this OSD code to appear? 

A. When the Sun Ray clientis downloading now firmware 

B. Whenthe VPN connection is attempting to connect or reconnect 

C. When DHCP services are notresponding 

D. When thereis no access to the VirtualBox VMs 


Reference: 21) 

Q15. Which key combinations can be used on a Sun Ray Client to check the firmware version currently installed? 

A. Props-M and Alt-Pause-M 

B. Stop-V and Ctrl-Pause-V 

C. Stop-C and Ctrl-Pause-C 

D. Stop-Fand Ctrl-Pause-F 



Q16. Which three statements are true when implementing personal hard drives? 

A. The assignment type for desktops in the pool must be manual. 

B. The Desktop Provider type must be either Oracle VM VirtualBox or Microsoft Hyper-V. 

C. Thedesktop must be a Microsoft Windows desktop. 

D. System preparation must be enabled for the pool. 

E. The userdirectory must be Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition. 

Answer: B,C,D 


personal-hard-drives(5.7.9, see the bulleted points) 

Q17. Oracle VDI offers flexibility in the Desktop Providers. Select two Desktop Providers that are supported by Oracle VDI. 

A. QuestWorkspace 

B. Microsoft Hyper-V 

C. CitrixXen Desktop 

D. VMwarevSphere 

E. Oracle VM 

Answer: B,D 

Reference: para) 

Q18. While completing a customer's request for a proposal, the customer asks if you can offer a description of Oracle VDI Session-based providers. Which statement is the correct response to the question? 

A. Session-based providers allow access to desktop virtual machines hosted on VMwareESXserveronly. 

B. Session-based providers supply access to desktop sessions hostedby remote computers such asMicrosoftRemote Desktop Services. 

C. Session-based providers supply access to desktop virtual machines hosted by bare metalhypervisorsuch as VMware ESX server, or a hosted hypervisor such as Oracle VM VirtualBox. 

D. Session-based providers allow access to desktop virtual machines hosted on Oracle VM VirtualBox as well as MicrosoftRemote Desktop Services desktop sessions. 



Q19. You are about to enable maintenance mode on the Desktop Provider storage servers. Which statement correctly describes the desktop state at this point? 

A. Thedesktops hosted on the storage are migrated to storage attached to a different DesktopProvider. 

B. All new desktop clonesforthatDesktop Provider are rerouted tootherDesktop Providers. 

C. The storage is disabled and the desktops are either suspended or shutdown.The desktopsareunavailable until the server is re-enabled. 

D. Any new access to any Desktop Provider within Oracle VDI is suspended until the maintenance modeis completed and the servers are re-enabled. 


Reference: 8.6.2) 

Q20. Which two statements are correct about the default Oracle VDI built-in database configuration? 

A. Thesecondary database is not active unlesstheprimary host is unavailable. 

B. Allnon-primary VDI Center hosts have a read-only copy of the database. 

C. The first secondary hostadded to the VDI Center runs a slave database. 

D. There is one primary host and two secondary hosts in a VDI Center always. 

Answer: A,C 

Reference: 2.1.2)