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2021 Jul 1Z0-567 study guide

Q31. Identify the true statement regarding Activity Step templates. 

A. Activity % complete must be Physical when using Activity Step templates. 

B. There are limits to the number of Activity Step templates in the database. 

C. Activity Step templates are the place where resources are allocated and assigned. 

D. Activity Step Templates are governed by global security. 

Answer: A

Q32. What is the process that must be followed by a system administrator to create a user? 

A. Create an email account to confirm access after user setup. 

B. Assign a global profile, project profile, and responsible manager. 

C. Request approval from the user's manager before completing the profile. 

D. Assign a role to the user before assigning security profiles. 

Answer: D

Q33. You are a P6 administrator. You have received a change request against a configured global dashboard, involving the addition of a portlet. 

How would you make this change? 

A. Customize the user interface view 

B. Customize the Portfolio view 

C. Customize the dashboard 

D. Customize the layout 

Answer: C 

Q34. An activity is to be completed within a fixed time period and the total effort is also fixed. What duration type should be used? 

A. Fixed Units 

B. Fixed Duration and Units/Time 

C. Fixed Units/Time 

D. Fixed Duration and Units 

Answer: D 

Q35. You are an implementation consultant working at a company where project schedules have been managed primarily with Microsoft Project, on individual desktops. The "projects" theoretically have been multiple-year projects. Your scope of work includes migrating project data from legacy project plans and setting up project planning standards. As you look into the current Microsoft Project plans, it becomes clear that the projects are not really multi-year projects. The plans have been managed by creating "new" projects within the old projects by skipping a few lines in what has become more of a program history. 

What approach would you recommend to retain the legacy data (which is a mandated requirement in the new Primavera system), while moving forward with a "one project, one plan" process? 

A. Import all MS Project plans directly into the P6 production database "as is." 

B. Import MS Project plans but break out current in-flight work into separate projects. 

C. Create new projects only for in flight work identified in MS Project plans. 

D. Retire legacy project plans and start with new project planning standards. 

Answer: B

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Q36. You are an executive that wants to review portfolio data for a high-risk/high-priority group of projects. You go to Portfolios in Primavera P6 Web. However, the data shown is not the correct portfolio. What should you do to correct this problem? 

A. Manage the desired portfolio. 

B. Open the desired portfolio. 

C. Filter the portfolio in a dashboard. 

D. Create a user portfolio view. 

Answer: C

Q37. You received an e-mail from a portfolio manager asking you to check performance metrics for the past months on each of the projects filtered for that portfolio. 

You cannot locate the portfolio that the email references. 

What is the probable cause? 

A. It is a user portfolio created by the portfolio manager. 

B. It is a user-filtered portfolio that has not been refreshed. 

C. You do not have the appropriate license for the web interface. 

D. You have not been assigned as a resource to the projects. 

Answer: B

Q38. Identify the best definition of the EPS. 

A. The hierarchical definition of project budgets and actual costs. 

B. The hierarchical definition of reporting structures. 

C. The hierarchical structure of the security for projects. 

D. The hierarchical structure of the database of projects. 

Answer: D 

Q39. Identify this window. 

A. Create Dashboard 

B. Create Portfolio 

C. Create Portfolio view 

D. Group and Sort 

Answer: C 

Q40. When is "Store Period Performance" usually performed? 

A. After each pay period 

B. After the schedule is updated 

C. After Job Services validation 

D. After working hours to enhance performance 

Answer: A