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2021 Jul 1Z0-567 practice test

Q21. Identify two formats available in the Capacity Planning chart. 

A. Stacked histogram 

B. Pie 

C. Area 

D. Variance 

E. Cost 

Answer: AC

Q22. Select the true statement regarding currencies. 

A. Only one base currency is supported per database. 

B. Currencies are updated daily per exchange rates. C. Only 10 currencies are supported in Primavera. 

D. Only two currencies are supported in Primavera. 

Answer: A

Q23. Identify the true statement regarding project templates. 

A. They are managed using Methodology Manager. 

B. They are managed in the web in the same database. 

C. They are created in the client and managed in the web. 

D. They are created using Project Architect. 

Answer: B

Q24. You are a project manager with a required monthly update cycle. You have marked actual start and actual finish dates for your Physical % complete activities, with % complete calculated from activity steps. You schedule and summarize your project plans. However, your activities are not showing 100% complete. What is the problem? 

A. Your security does not allow you to update Activity Status. 

B. You did not save the changes made to the activities. 

C. You have not completed each of the activity steps. 

D. You must refresh the view in the web to view the changes. 

Answer: B

Q25. In the GANTT Chart. Identify the significance of the blue and green bars. 

A. Current 

B. Forecast 

C. Planned 

D. Actual 

Answer: A

1Z0-567  exam answers

Abreast of the times 1Z0-567 study guide:

Q26. You are creating a new portfolio scenario. You are attempting to save it for all users, but the selection is unavailable (grayed out). What is the cause? 

A. You have insufficient global security privileges. 

B. You have Insufficient project security privileges. 

C. You have insufficient portfolio security privileges. 

D. You have insufficient user security privileges. 

Answer: A 

Q27. Identify the true statement regarding user-interface views. 

A. Deleting a user-interface view that has assigned users could cause user issues. 

B. Each user may be assigned to multiple user-interface views. 

C. User-interface views overwrite project and global security profiles. 

D. User-interface views are created and managed by individual users. 

Answer: B 

Q28. You are an application administrator. You received a change request to alter the relationship between an EPS node and its associated OBS element. 

What would be a prudent course of action to complete before moving forward with this change? 

A. Merge the old OBS element with the requested OBS element. 

B. Create a new OBS element per the change request. 

C. Determine which users would be affected. 

D. Delete the old OBS element per change request. 

Answer: C 

Q29. This graphic is an example of a ________. 

A. spreadsheet 

B. scorecard 

C. portfolio 

D. waterline analysis 

Answer: B

Q30. Select two true statements regarding calendars. 

A. Global calendars are available to a subset of projects. 

B. Project calendars are available for the current project. 

C. Only a limited number of calendars can be created. 

D. Resource calendars are applied to all resources with the same primary role. 

E. Activity type determines whether the activity uses resource calendars when scheduling. 

F. Activity calendars are managed by individual users/resources. 

Answer: BE