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2021 Jul 1Z0-567 brain dumps

Q41. Identify two business use case for templates. 

A. Document standard operating processes 

B. Customized projects for each user in each organization 

C. Facilitate scheduling standards for projects requiring audits 

D. Enhanced resource management and capacity planning 

E. Top-down budgeting and costed actuals 

Answer: AC 

Q42. Your customer wants to take advantage of capacity planning in portfolios. The customer would like to use generic resources, because they have greater flexibility to respond to changing costs by resource by location. In fact, they would prefer not to set up any roles at all in the database, because they perceive generic resources and roles to be duplicate effort. What would an appropriate response be to this customer? 

A. Use generic resources in Capacity Planning view, because they have greater ability to respond to changing costs. 

B. User generic resources for project financials, and mirrored roles for capacity planning. 

C. Use roles for planning and project financials to eliminate duplicate data maintenance. 

D. Integrate with HR systems to obtain automated generic resource pricing updates. 

Answer: B

Q43. Identify this icon: 

A. Customize Columns in the View 

B. Customize Tabs in the Details 

C. Customize GANTT Chart Options 

D. Customize and Save View 

Answer: C 

Q44. Select two true statements about the Portfolio Analysis tab in Primavera P6 EPPM. 

A. Conducts a side-by-side comparison of an unlimited number of portfolios 

B. Conducts a side-by-side comparison of two projects 

C. Conducts a side-by-side comparison of two portfolios 

D. Conducts a side by-side comparison of one project displayed in different views 

E. Conducts a side by-side comparison of the same portfolio displayed in different views 

Answer: CE

Q45. The two global profiles that are hard-coded in the system and cannot be deleted or changed and . 

A. Project Manager 

B. System Administrator 

C. IT Administrator 

D. Admin Super User 

E. Resource Manager 

F. No Global Privileges 

Answer: DF

Regenerate 1Z0-567 sample question:

Q46. You are a project manager on a fixed-bid contract. This contract has actually been positioned as a "loss leader" within your company because it is your first contract with this customer. The hope is that you can prove yourself to the customer and win additional business at higher margins down the road. The margins for this contract are very slim. 

What would be the best solution to set up in P6 to give you the visibility that you need to minimize the probable financial loss? 

A. Set a Mandatory Finish constraint at each contractual milestone and track schedule performance against the constraint. 

B. Set all activities in your project plan to Physical % Complete, and use Remaining Duration to track schedule performance. 

C. Set all activities in your project plan to Units % Complete, and use Remaining units to track schedule performance 

D. Set a Must finish By date at the project level, and track schedule performance using float in the project plan. 

Answer: B

Q47. Your customer's project teams are cross-functional and global. Therefore, any standard reports must be generated at a standing day/time so that all affected resources and users have clearly defined timelines for data quality checks prior to report creation. Identify the P6 R8 feature that will address this requirement. 

A. Email monthly report to distribution list 

B. Send reports directly to printers at all user locations 

C. Schedule report generation to minimize performance issues 

D. Post generated reports to content repository 

Answer: C 

Q48. You are an implementation consultant responding to the requirement that a cost account structure be set up in Primavera to be able to receive actual costs incurred by each contributing organization. There is also a cost account structure set up in the customer's financial management system (FMS). 

What would be the easiest long-term recommendation for setup and maintenance of the cost account structure? 

A. Set up a cost account structure in Primavera that mirrors the FMS, and manually manage changes. 

B. Set up a cost account structure in Primavera and a global project code to map to FMS for Integration. 

C. Do not set up the cost account structure, and receive costed actuals only from the FMS. 

D. Set up integration between Primavera and the FMS to maintain all ongoing costing data. 

Answer: B 

Q49. Select the statement that best describes "Manage Scenarios" functionality. 

A. You can create a portfolio for your own use or for sharing. 

B. You can view portfolio data in different forms. 

C. You can capture a snapshot of project data. 

D. You can select a portfolio to work with or execute commands. 

Answer: B

Q50. Identify two benefits of customizing user-interface views. 

A. Limit user access to functionality 

B. Lock down security privileges 

C. Administer users in the web interface 

D. Target application functionality 

E. User-based configuration 

Answer: AE