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Q31. In the GANTT Chart. Identify the significance of the blue and green bars. 

A. Current 

B. Forecast 

C. Planned 

D. Actual 

Answer: A

Q32. In your project, cost and work effort is not subject to change. Which duration type should be used? 

A. Fixed Units 

B. Fixed Duration and Units/Time 

C. Fixed Units/Time 

D. Fixed Duration and Units 

Answer: C

Q33. You are a program manager reviewing portfolio performance data. You see that many issues are assigned to a "responsible manager." 

What does "responsible manager" mean with Primavera P6 EPPM? 

A. The person responsible for resolving the issue 

B. The person who identified the issue 

C. The element from the OBS associated with the issue 

D. the manager to which the issue has been assigned 


Q34. You are an application administrator. You have been asked by your CEO to simplify the user interface for executives like her who are interested in high level summary information. Identify two ways to satisfy this request. 

A. Customize the toolbar in a saved view. 

B. Customize the EPS In a global view. 

C. Customize security In the OBS. 

D. Customize the Details fields in the Activity view. 

E. Customize the menu bars in a saved view. 

Answer: AE

Q35. All commands executed by toolbar icons can be accessed from three menus. Select the three menus. 

A. Action 

B. Copy 

C. Edit 

D. Paste 

E. View 

F. Remove 

G. Modify 

Answer: ACE

Q36. You are an application administrator. You received a change request to alter the relationship between an EPS node and its associated OBS element. 

What would be a prudent course of action to complete before moving forward with this change? 

A. Merge the old OBS element with the requested OBS element. 

B. Create a new OBS element per the change request. 

C. Determine which users would be affected. 

D. Delete the old OBS element per change request. 


Q37. Select the true statement regarding project security profiles. 

A. Project security profiles define the weight of project codes. 

B. To receive a project security profile, a user must be defined as a resource. 

C. Project security profiles override global security profiles. 

D. To access projects, a user must be assigned a project security profile. 


Q38. Your customer's project teams are cross-functional and global. Therefore, any standard reports must be generated at a standing day/time so that all affected resources and users have clearly defined timelines for data quality checks prior to report creation. Identify the P6 R8 feature that will address this requirement. 

A. Email monthly report to distribution list 

B. Send reports directly to printers at all user locations 

C. Schedule report generation to minimize performance issues 

D. Post generated reports to content repository 


Q39. You are a portfolio manager. You opened a portfolio and you refreshed the filter. However, some of the projects that were previously in the portfolio are no longer there. 

What happened? 

A. You no longer have sufficient project-level security to view the "missing" project's data. 

B. Your web interface license was revoked to allow other users to interface with the projects. 

C. The value of the code assigned to the missing projects has changed. 

D. The projects were deleted when the filter was refreshed. 

Answer: A

Q40. Calculated project user-defined fields and . 

A. are created by system administrators 

B. are managed by Configuration Management 

C. are associated with formulas 

D. are viewable in either the web interface or client 

E. are defined in the web interface and only viewable in the web interface 

Answer: CD