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Q21. You are an implementation consultant responding to the requirement that a cost account structure be set up in Primavera to be able to receive actual costs incurred by each contributing organization. There is also a cost account structure set up in the customer's financial management system (FMS). 

What would be the easiest long-term recommendation for setup and maintenance of the cost account structure? 

A. Set up a cost account structure in Primavera that mirrors the FMS, and manually manage changes. 

B. Set up a cost account structure in Primavera and a global project code to map to FMS for Integration. 

C. Do not set up the cost account structure, and receive costed actuals only from the FMS. 

D. Set up integration between Primavera and the FMS to maintain all ongoing costing data. 


Q22. Where are workflows accessed? 

A. In portfolios 

B. In the EPS 

C. In the dashboards 

D. In the workspace 


Q23. Identify the true statement regarding currency preferences for viewing currency. 

A. They are globally set and controlled by administrators. 

B. They are managed by an interface to a financial system (FMS). 

C. They are set by individuals in user preferences. 

D. They are permanently set during installation. 

Answer: C

Q24. What are two benefits of designating a resource as inactive? 

A. All project history and costs are retained. 

B. Budgets from past projects will remain intact. 

C. The associated user's information will be automatically deleted. 

D. Actual costs for past projects will be positively affected. 

E. The resource is identified as unable to perform future work. 

Answer: AE

Q25. Select two true statements regarding calendars. 

A. Global calendars are available to a subset of projects. 

B. Project calendars are available for the current project. 

C. Only a limited number of calendars can be created. 

D. Resource calendars are applied to all resources with the same primary role. 

E. Activity type determines whether the activity uses resource calendars when scheduling. 

F. Activity calendars are managed by individual users/resources. 

Answer: BE

Q26. What is the significance of the "Summarize project based on detailed activity resource assignments" setting? 

A. Summarized project data will reflect top-down plans. 

B. Summarized project data will reflect bottom-up plans. 

C. Summarized project data will reflect integrated actuals. 

D. Summarized project data will be monetized. 


Q27. Select the true statement regarding live or summarized data. 

A. Live data is used for resource management. 

B. Live data is used for portfolio management. 

C. Summarized data is used for resource management. 

D. Summarized data is used for project management. 

Answer: D

Q28. Identify two formats available in the Capacity Planning chart. 

A. Stacked histogram 

B. Pie 

C. Area 

D. Variance 

E. Cost 

Answer: AC

Q29. Identify this window. 

A. Create Dashboard 

B. Create Portfolio 

C. Create Portfolio view 

D. Group and Sort 


Q30. Identify the true statement regarding user-interface views. 

A. Deleting a user-interface view that has assigned users could cause user issues. 

B. Each user may be assigned to multiple user-interface views. 

C. User-interface views overwrite project and global security profiles. 

D. User-interface views are created and managed by individual users.