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Q11. Which three problems could affect ILOM login and access over the network? (Choose Three) 

A. Misconfiguration of ILOM IP address 

B. Bad imaging or re imaging of the base operating system on the laptop or terminal 

C. Misconfiguration of WebLogic Server software 

D. Misconfiguration of Cisco Ethernet switch ports 

E. Sideband configuration issues 

Answer: A,C,D 


Q12. SDP sits atop the InfiniBand core in the Exalogic architecture. What is SDP? (choose one) 

A. Sockets Direct Protocol 

B. Service Data Point 

C. Secure Delivery Platform 

D. Session Description Protocol 

Answer: A 


SDP is Sockets Direct Protocol. 

Q13. WebLogic Server provides in two ways including and 

A. RAC datasource 

B. JDBC over SDP 

C. Active GridLink 

D. Multi-datasource 

Answer: C,D 


Q14. ZFS technology is used in which Exalogic system components? (Choose one) 

A. Compute nodes 

B. InfiniBand switch/gateways 

C. Management Ethernet switch 

D. Storage appliance 

Answer: D 


ZFS technology is used in the storage appliance component. 

Q15. After creating a mount point for a shared file system on a Exalogic Linux compute node, which file would you edit to add entries for the mount point? 

A. /etc/resolv.conf 

B. /etc/fstab 

C. /etc/iscsi.conf 

D. /etc/xinetd.conf 

Answer: B 


Up to the immediate present 1Z0-569 exam question:

Q16. How are cluster-level session replication enhacements enabled? 

A. It is not necessary to configure these optimizations explicitly as the software is intelligent enough to detect the type it is executing on. 

B. You create a new outbound enabled T3 network channel with SDP protocol enabled and this channel is then used as the replication channel. 

C. You must set the -Dweblogic.replicationChannel=SDP system property in 

D. You must set the -Dweblogic.replicationChannel=InfiniBand system property in 

Answer: B 


Q17. Which application isolation deployment method are used in Exalogic Topology 

A. IP subnets layered above the default IPoIB link 

B. IP Aliasing 

C. Create VLAN's 

D. Partitioning Infiniband 

Answer: A 


Q18. Which three prerequisite tasks should be completed before you can Oracle Services in Enterprise manager Ops Center to the file service requests? 

A. Set up Enterprise Manager Grid Control 

B. Register your assets with My Oracle Support 

C. Run Enterprise Manager Ops Center in connected mode 

D. Register your user with My Oracle Support 

E. File a service request for anExalogicasset on the My Oracle Support website before viewing the service request in Enterprise Manager Ops Center 

Answer: B,C,D 


Q19. Which method can be used to view the default storage pool, projects, and shares? 

A. Browser user interface or CLI 

B. VI editor 

C. ExalogicConfiguration Utility 

D. ExalogicConfigurator spreadsheet 

Answer: A 

Reference:, bulleted point #2) 

Q20. Which Exalogic component has direct network access to the Power Distribution Units (PDUs)? (Choose one) 

A. Cisco management switch 

B. InfiniBand switches 

C. Compute nodes 

D. Storage appliance 

Answer: A 


The Cisco management switch has direct network access to the Power Distribution Units (PDUs).