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2021 Sep 1Z0-569 free practice exam

Q61. Which three statements are correct about Node Manager? 

A. Node Manager starts, shuts down, and restarts an administration server. 

B. Node Manager starts, shuts down, suspends, and restarts managed servers. 

C. Node Manager generates a log file for each server instance it controls. 

D. Node Manager enables you to reconfigure the network onExalogiccompute nodes. 

E. Node Manager starts, shuts down, and restarts anExalogiccompute node. 

Answer: A 

Reference: Java Node Manager) 

Q62. Which network channel is required for WebLogic's network traffic in an Exalogic machine? 

A. T3 client channel 

B. HTTP client channel 

C. replication channel 

D. default channel 

Answer: B 

Reference: Address and Network Channel Requirements, Second bulleted point) 

Q63. What is the primary difference between installing WebLogic Server on Exalogic and installing on a typical Linux system? 

A. You must install Weblogic server once per compute node. 

B. Instead of installing on local compute node storage, WebLogic binaries are installed on the 7230 shared storage appliance. 

C. Prior to installation, the file system must be configured for InfiniBand access. 

D. There is no difference. 

Answer: B 


60. On which machine will you open the Exalogic configurator spreadsheet for entering a customer's input? 

A. on the master compute node 

B. on the laptop that is connected toExalogicmachine 

C. on any of the compute nodes 

D. on all compute nodes 

Answer: B 


Q64. How to Connect to Oracle ILOM CLI Using the Serial Management Port 

A. Connect a serial cable between the SER MGT port and a terminal device or a PC 

B. Connect a USB to Serial adapter to the C. Connect the serial cable to the USB Port D. Connect direct USB cable to the USB Port 

Answer: A 


Q65. In order to scale the WebLogic Server cluster beyond a single computers node, the domain must be propagated to additional computers nodes. How is this best accomplished? 

A. The domain can simply be zipped (using tar, cpio, or jar), copied over, and extracted on the other computer node. 

B. Web logic Server has specific commands like and that are designed for this purpose. 

C. The step can be accomplished most easily through the admin server when the second machine is added to the cluster. 

D. WithExalogicElastic Cloud software, domain propagation is automatic when additional machine is added to the cluster. 

Answer: B 


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Q66. Here are the main hardware components of an Exalogic machine half rack. What line items would change if you were ordering a full rack instead? (Choose one) 

I. 16 Sun Fire X4170 M2 compute nodes 

II. 1 dual controller Sun ZFS Storage 7320 appliance with 20 drives 

III. 2 Sun Network QDR InfiniBand Gateway Switches 


 1 Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 36 


 1 48-port Cisco Catalyst 4948 Ethernet management switch 

VI 2 redundant 15 kVA or 24 kVA PDUs 

A. I. III. VI. 

B. I. III. 

C. I. 

D. I. VI. 

Answer: A 


The following line items would change if you were ordering a full rack instead of a half rack: I. 16 Sun Fire X4170 M2 compute nodes, III 2 Sun Network QDR InfiniBand Gateway Switches and VI. 

2 redundant 15 kVA or 24 kVA PDUs 

Q67. What are the redundant features of Exalogic compute nodes? (Choose three) 

A. Power supplies 

B. Cooling fans 

C. InfiniBand network access 


E. Motherboards 

Answer: A,B,C 


Cooling fans, InfiniBand network access and power supplies are redundant features. 

Q68. What is ILOM? (Choose one) 

A. Integrated Lights Out Manager 

B. Internet Lights Out Machine 

C. Integrated Leveling Onsite Manager 

D. Integral Lightweight On-Chip Memory 

Answer: A 


ILOM is Integrated Lights Out Manager. 

Q69. Which three statements are correct concerning scaling the deployment topology on Exalogic to additional machines? 

A. If using Active GridLink datasource, then adding a RAC node requires no reconfiguration. 

B. Adding a Coherence node requires no application reconfiguration. 

C. Adding an OHS instance requires reconfiguration of the dynamic server list. 

D. Adding a WebLogic Server instance to the cluster requires that the administration is running. 

Answer: A,B,D 


Q70. In the ILOM CLI from an Exalogic compute node, which command can be used to view a list of components that have been faulted? 

A. view /SP/faultmgmt B. show /SP/faultmgmt C. view /CMM/faultmgmt 

Answer: B