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2021 Sep 1Z0-569 practice exam

Q1. Looking at the front of a full rack Exalogic X2-2 machine, what do you see in rack slot 1 at the very bottom of the rack? (choose one) 

A. X4170 M2 compute node 

B. InfiniBand spine switch 

C. 7320 disk shelf 

D. Cisco 4948 switch 

Answer: B 


Q2. What would you use to configure server migration targets? 

A. WebLogic Administration Console 

B. Oracle Fusion Middleware Configuration Wizard 

C. Node Manager 

D. Oracle Process Monitoring and Notification (OPMN) 

Answer: A 


Q3. After you enter configuration information in the Exalogic configrator spreadsheet, which configuration file is generated? 

A. Exalogic_factory_original.conf 

B. Exalogic_deploy.conf 

C. Exalogic_initial.conf 


Answer: B 

Reference: ng the configuration and generating the configuration file) 

Q4. Looking at the front of a quarter rack Exalogic X2-2 machine, how many X4170 M2 rack slots would you find populated? (Choose one) 

A. 4 

B. 6 

C. 8 

D. 2 

Answer: C 


Looking at the front of a quarter rackExalogicX2-2 machine, you would find 8 X4170 M2 rack slots populated. 

Q5. Which two network channels are necessary to be configured for managed servers? 

A. HTTP client channel 

B. T3 channel 

C. SDP channel 

D. EoIB channel 

Answer: A,B 


Up to the immediate present 1Z0-569 free exam questions:

Q6. When you run the Exalogic Configuration Utility scripts the first time, which three verification steps are performed? (Choose Three) 

A. BOND1 interfaces for all compute nodes 

B. ILOM interfaces for all compute nodes 

C. ILOM interfaces for storage heads 

D. NET0 interfaces for all compute nodes 

E. BOND2 interfaces for storage heads 

Answer: B,C,D 

Explanation: TheExalogicConfiguration Utility(ECU) enables you to perform the initial configuration of anExalogicmachine and to connect the machine to your existing network. The ECU verifies the current state of yourExalogicmachine before performing any initial configuration. During manufacturing, anExalogicmachine is configured with the following default network topology: 


 Compute nodes and storage heads withNET0,ILOM, andBOND0(IPoIB) interfaces 


 Sun Network QDR InfiniBand Gateway Switches with theILOMinterface Reference: OracleExalogicElastic Cloud Machine Owner's Guide Release EL X2-2 and EL X3-2, ConfiguringExalogicMachine Using ECU 

Q7. Which two are correct about Node Manager configuration? 

A. Modify and use the original Node Manager configuration and local files located in the middleware home directory. 

B. Copy the original Node Manager configuration and log files to a new directory outside of middleware home. Then, modify properties as necessary. 

C. There is no need to modify the default configuration. 

D. The Node Manager instance running on anExalogiccompute node listens on the BOND0/private address of the compute node. 

Answer: B,D 


Q8. Which three are features of the Sun ZFS Storage 7320 appliance that is used in Exalogic machines? (Choose Three) 

A. Entry level cluster option 

B. Multi-protocol support 

C. 100 TB of usable capacity 

D. Replication and snapshots 

E. 80 TB of usable capacity 

Answer: A,B,D 


Q9. Select the location where server transaction logs should be stored in an Exalogic machine. 

A. local storage on one of the compute nodes hosting managed server in the Weblogic cluster 

B. local storage on all of the compute nodes hosting managed servers In the WebLogic cluster 

C. a location on the shared storage appliance that is accessible to compute nodes hosting all managed servers in the WebLogic cluster 

D. a location on the shared storage appliance that is accessible to at least one of the compute nodes hosting managed servers in the WebLogic cluster 

Answer: D 


Q10. Which command can be used to display the overall status of an InfiniBand switch in an Exalogic machine? 

A. showunhealthy 

B. listlinkup 

C. ibcheckerrors 

D. env_test 

Answer: D 

Reference: Verifying the status of a gateway switch)