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Q31. Looking at the front of a full rack Exalogic X2-2 machine, how many InfiniBand switch gateway rack slots would you find populated? (Choose one) 

A. 8 

B. 4 

C. 6 

D. 2 

Answer: B 


Looking at the front of a full rackExalogicX2-2 machine, you would see 4 populated InfiniBand switch gateway rack slots? 

Q32. Profile with the best performnace and reduncancy when space does not matter 

A. mirrored 

B. triple mirrored 

C. striped 

D. single parity RAID, narrow stripes 

E. double parity RAID 

Answer: B 


Q33. If you are configuring two WebLogic clusters of managed servers across four Exalogic compute nodes, how many Node Manager Instances will you configure? 

A. One dedicated Node Manager instance per compute node 

B. One Node Manager instance shared by four compute nodes 

C. One Node Manager instance per WebLogic cluster 

D. Two Node Manager instances shared by four compute nodes 

Answer: A 


Q34. After verifying the initial network interfaces, which task does Exalogic Configuration Utility perform? 

A. Set up passwordless SSH access for compute nodes 

B. Distribute data to compute nodes 

C. Copy all node-specific scripts to compute node 

D. Verify passwordless SSH access for compute nodes 

Answer: A 


Q35. Which statement is correct about enterprise Management Ops Center? 

A. To monitorExalogic's hardware components, you must install Enterprise Manager Ops Center on one of theExalogiccompute nodes. 

B. To monitorExalogic's hardware components, you must install enterprise Manager Ops Center on allExalogiccompute nodes. 

C. To monitorExalogic’s hardware components, you must install Enterprise Manager Ops Center onExalogicstorage appliance. 

D. You can install Enterprise Manager Ops Center outside ofExalogic. 

Answer: D 


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Q36. GridLink data sources support SDP when Exalogic is connected directly to   . (Choose one) 

A. WebLogic Server 

B. Cyberdata 


D. Exadata 

Answer: D 


GridLink data sources support SDP whenExalogicis connected directly to Exadata. 

Q37. Managed servers in a cluster . 

A. Must all reside in the same domain because you cannot split a cluster over multiple domains 

B. Can have different deployments from their peers 

C. Must all be deployed on the same operating 

D. Must be able to communicate with the node manager in order for clustering to function properly 

Answer: A 


Q38. In which scenario would you configure a set of floating IP addresses using the BOND1 interface for WebLogic managed servers and administration server? 

A. When HTTP traffic comes from the external data center 

B. For the private InfiniBand fabric network traffic used by the WebLogic Server instances and coherence servers 

C. For WebLogic Server replication traffic 

D. When database traffic needs to be isolated on a separate virtual LAN 

Answer: A 


Q39. What IP type is used when configuring non-global zones on Exalogic compute nodes? 

A. IP shared between global zone and non-global zone 

B. Exclusive IP for the non-global zone 

C. Virtual IP 

D. Floating IP 

Answer: B 


Q40. Which prerequisite task is necessary before adding an administrator? 

A. Add authorizations to a role 

B. Add a role 

C. List administrators 

D. List authorizations associated with a role 

Answer: B