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2021 Jun 1Z0-573 exam topics

Q21. The purpose of the Payables search criteria in the Review Accounts Payable Info is

A. to save the values in the search fields on inquiry pages so that they need not be keyed in for repeated searches

B. to define the values of the prompts in the inquirypages to limit the data that can be searched

C. to define the search fields that display on specific payables inquiry components

D. to store the results of an inquiry for future retrieval

Answer: B

Q22. Which four items are required when creating a new vendor?

A. Information used to process withholding

B. Location information, including remit to and pricing locations

C. Procurement defaults thatdefine your relationship with your vendor

D. Payment options thatestablish defaults for payment processing

E. The list of different products from the vendor

F. The vendor point of contact

G. Vendor sales history

Answer: A,C,E,F

Q23. Which three are supported by the Peoplesoft payment interface?

A. Peoplesoft Payroll payments

B. Peoplesoft Treasury settlement payments

C. Peoplesoft Expenses expense sheet

D. Peoplesoft purchasing rebate claim process

E. PeoplesoftExpenses cash advance payments

Answer: A,C,D

Q24. The automated “Duplicate Invoice Checking” feature in Payables can be enabled to check against .

A. Invoice Number

B. Gross Amount

C. Invoice Date

D. Vendor Number

E. Business Unit

F. Item Category

G. Ship To Location

H. Unit Of Measure

Answer: A

Q25. What are four different options for making payments?

A. Wire transfer


C. Giro

D. Chips



Answer: A,C,E,F

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Q26. Which three options can be defined on the Voucher Origin page:

Set Up Financials/Supply Chain>Product Related>Procurement Options>Vouchers>Voucher Origin

A. Bank Information (Bank Code and Account)

B. Voucher Amount Limit

C. Payment Terms

D. Control Group usage

E. Workflow Approvals

Answer: A,C,D

Q27. Choose the correct statement regarding a 1099 withholding voucher.

A. Sales Tax is always considered for calculating Withholding basis amount

B. Applicable Withholding basis amount is calculated when the voucher is created

C. Only Sales and Use tax are considered for calculation of Withholding basis amount

D. Freight tax is never used while calculating Withholding basis amount

E. Use tax is not 1099 applicable

Answer: B

Explanation: Reference:


Q28. What report is used to reconcile data from the Payables and Procurement departments?

A. Control Group Register

B. Voucher Register

C. AP/GL Journal Reconciliation Report

D. Match Exception Report

E. AP/GL Open Liability Account Reconciliation Report

Answer: C

Q29. The voucher posting process determines the ledger group for generating accounting entries based on .

A. the ledger group tagged at the Payables Definition setup of the voucher payables business unit

B. the ledger group entered at the voucher header level by a user on the voucher creation page

C. the ledger group tagged at the “Ledgers for a unit” setup of the voucher general ledger business unit

D. the ledger group tagged at the “Ledgers for a unit” setup of the voucher payables business unit

E. the ledger group entered at the voucher distribution level by a user on the voucher creation page

Answer: C

Explanation: Reference:


Q30. Which three items are validated against the Financial Sanctions List?

A. Names

B. Payment alternate names

C. Years in Business

D. Withholding alternate names

Answer: A,B,D