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Q41. The accounts payable team is tasked with reviewing the aging of different payments for a

vendor or group of vendors. Choose the review page that is appropriate for this.

A. Past Due Aging

B. Vendor Aging

C. Vendor Current Balances

D. Scheduled Due Aging

Answer: C

Q42. Identify two voucher types for which the Matching process is applicable.

A. Regular voucher

B. Prepaid voucher

C. Adjustment voucher

D. Journal voucher

E. Registered voucher

Answer: B,D

Q43. Which two statements are true regarding an Accounts Payable inquiry?

A. Prepaid vouchers must not be paid to appear under unapplied prepayments in a vendor current balances inquiry.

B. Review Scheduled payment information does not allow users to enter both vendor ID and vendor short name in the search criteria.

C. Saved search option is available in the Voucher inquiry, Match workbench, and Accounting entries inquiry screens.

D. From and To Payment dates are required fields to display charts on the Payment inquiry page.

Answer: B,C

Explanation: Reference: htm/fspr04.htm

Q44. When using the copy PO function on the Regular Voucher page, where does the Payment Terms value come from by default (meaning at the highest default level and assuming that no options are checked in the Copy PO section of the Payables Definition page)?

A. From the Vendor

B. From the specific Vendor Location identified

C. From the Purchase Order Header

D. From the Receipt

E. From the Payables Options for the business unit

Answer: C

Q45. Which two statements are true with regard to voucher interunit accounting entries?

A. Accrual accounting entries contain interunit entries when charge to business unit (GL BU entered at distribution line level) is different from the voucher payable business unit.

B. Accrual accounting entries contain interunit entries when charge to business unit (GL BU entered at distribution line level) is different from the voucher general ledger business unit.

C. Payment accounting entries contain interunit entries when the general ledger business unit of voucher differs from the remit to bank general ledger business unit.

D. Voucher interunit accounting entries will be of informational use and will not be posted to general ledger.

E. Interunit accounts are defined at the voucher accounting entry template level.

Answer: B

Explanation: Reference:


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Q46. Identify four credit processing options.

A. DoNot Process Credit Vouchers

B. Process Credit Vouchers

C. Process When DRs >= CRs

D. Process When CRs Exceed DRs

E. Process When DRs Exceed CRs

Answer: B,C,D,E

Q47. Which two voucher types are posted but not paid?

A. Regular voucher

B. Prepaid voucher

C. Claim voucher

D. Adjustment vouchers

E. Journal voucher

Answer: A,D

Q48. When determining the fiscal year and period to which the payment accounting entries are posted, three options are available for the date that the system uses as the accounting date for the payments created in the pay cycle. What are the three options?

A. Current

B. Future

C. Payment

D. Specific

E. Posting

Answer: A,C,E

Q49. From which setup does the payment posting process for voucher paymentschoose the

General Ledger (GL) account for the cash distribution account (CAS)?

A. account defined for “Cash Distribution” at accounting entry template

B. account defined for “Cash - AP”at external bank account

C. account defined at the distribution level of the voucher

D. account defined for “Cash - AP” at external bank account – payment method

Answer: A

Explanation: Reference:

Q50. Which three situations will prevent a user from deleting a voucher?

A. Voucher was partially paid

B. Voucher was not approved

C. Voucher was posted and accounting entries were created

D. Voucher was selected for payment in a pay-cycle

E. Voucher was in postable status

Answer: A,C,E