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2021 Jul 1Z0-573 vce

Q31. Which three items determine Sales Use Tax?

A. ship to location

B. ultimate use of the item

C. group of the item

D. geographic location

Answer: A,B,C

Q32. Which three situations will prevent undoing a matched voucher?

A. Voucher has not been posted or paid

B. Related purchase order is closed

C. One of the receipts is associated with a voucher that is closed

D. The original voucher has been deleted

E. The voucher status is open

Answer: A,C,E

Q33. An auditor would like to verify the methodology used to detect duplicate invoices across the organization. Which two reports can be used by the auditor?

A. Business Unit List

B. Duplicate Vendors

C. List of Voucher Origin

D. Business Unit Options

E. AP/GL Journal Reconciliation Report

Answer: B,D

Q34. The setup required to pay an unmatched voucher is done at which level?

A. Payables Option level

B. Payables Definition Level

C. Procurement Control level

D. User Preferences level

E. Voucher Origin level

Answer: B

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Q35. A vendor has five locations – one each in the New York, Germany, France, Italy, and the UK. How many vendor ID numbers should be created?

A. One Vendor ID

B. Five Vendor IDs representing each country

C. Two Vendor IDs – one representing the US and the second for all European countries

D. Three Vendor IDs – one each for the US, the UK, and the European Union

Answer: C

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Q36. Is it possible to define voucher entry limits to restrict users from entering vouchers over a

certain threshold? Ifyes, how?

A. Yes, voucher entry limits are defined in User Preferences.

B. No, it is not possible to define voucher entry limits.

C. Yes, voucher entry limits are defined in Session Defaults.

D. Yes, voucher entry limits are defined through a workflow around voucher entry.

E. Yes, voucher entry limits are defined through the use of Control Groups.

Answer: D

Q37. The Vendor Match metrics .

A. have identical parameters as in the Match Workbench

B. have Match Workbench page parameters and the option to export to Microsoft Excel

C. provide a report for all Match Statuses

D. do not report Match Exceptions

Answer: D

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Q38. Which two statements are true about prepayment application to regular vouchers?

A. A Prepaid voucher can be applied to many regular vouchers but not vice versa.

B. A Prepaid voucher cannot be paid in more than one regular payment schedule.

C. A Prepaid voucher will not be available for applying to regular vouchers until it is paid.

D. Withholding cannot be applied on prepaid vouchers.

Answer: C,D

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Q39. Which four default vendor location options can be defined for where a service is most often performed – that is, the place at which the VAT liability is incurred?

A. Buyer’s Location

B. Ship From Location

C. Ship To Location

D. Supplier’s Location

E. Dealer’s Location

Answer: A,C,D,E

Q40. PeopleSoft Payables enables you to use alternate bankaccounts to replace the original bank accounts defined for a pay cycle according to bank replacement rules. All are bank replacement options except .

A. Replace All Bank Accounts: Replace the original bank accounts for all payments in a pay cycle with multiple alternate bank accounts.

B. Replace Bank with Another Bank: Replace a particular original bank account or payment method with an alternate bank account or payment method.

C. Replace by Currency: Assign an alternate bank account, payment method, and currency to all payments scheduled to be made with a particular original currency.

D. Replace by Individual Payment Limit: Assign an alternate bank account to any individual payment that exceeds a monetary amount limit that is predefined for the original bank account.

E. Replace by Bank Maximum Limit:Assign an alternate bank account to any payments that remain after the monetary total of accumulated payments from a single bank account exceeds a defined monetary limit for that bank account.

Answer: D

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