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Q1. What must be done before you can run the Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Installer? 

A. Obtain BI installation media 

B. Create required Oracle Business Intelligence schemas in a database 

C. Ensure system meets installation requirements for Fusing Middleware, Oracle Business Intelligence, AND Repository Creation Utility 

D. Install the WLS Admin Server 

E. Select installation components – OBIEE, BIP, RTD 

Answer: B

Q2. Which of the following characteristics pertain to a "ragged" hierarchy? 

A. It can only be stored in an XML structure. 

B. A branch of the hierarchy may have a different number of levels than other branches. 

C. All values can have a maximum of six levels. 

D. It creates multiple levels of hierarchy in the databasetable. 

Answer: B

Q3. Oracle BI Server at a company is connected to Data Warehouse that is refreshed on a daily basis, the majority of users at the company log in to Oracle BI every Monday to generate the previous week's sales report. The BI Administrator schedules cache purge and cache seeding to improve report response times. How is this accomplished? 

A. Everyday before Data Warehouse refresh 

B. Every day after Data Warehouse refresh 

C. Every Monday early morning 

D. Every Monday late night 

Answer: D

Q4. What are the two types of Repository Variables? 

A. System 

B. Non System 

C. Static 

D. Dynamic 

Answer: CD 

Q5. What is an example of a Session Variable? 

A. ETL Load Date 

B. User Organization 


D. Top Customers by Revenue 


Q6. Why is it necessary to join multiple source tables to a single dimension? 

A. Because transactional source systems are often denormalized 

B. Because transactional source systems are often normalized 

C. Because a single source table often contains all the dimensions needed 

D. Because the dimensions tables are built in the transactional systems 

Answer: A

Q7. OBIEE default security model stores security Information such as user names and password combinations for accessing an external system such as Active Directory. It is stored in the____________. 

A. Policy Store 

B. Credential Store 

C. Identity Store 

D. Person Store 

Answer: C

Q8. Where is Oracle Mapviewer installed? 

A. In the same domain as OBIEE on the web application server 

B. Never on the same domain as OBIEE on the web application server 

C. On the Database server 

D. On its own application server 

Answer: A

Q9. Point-and-click generation of case statement logic can be accessed via which option? 

A. Column Formula-> Bins tab 

B. Compound Layout 

C. Column Properties -> Conditional Format tab 

D. Advanced Tab 

E. Subject Area metrics 

Answer: A

Q10. One of the most common uses of Dynamic Repository Variables is to setup filters for use in reporting. Which variable below is a valid example of a Dynamic Repository Variable? 

A. Year 

B. Month 

C. Quarter 

D. CurrentMonth