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Q11. What are the two capabilities that users can apply to an Analysis when working within Plug-In for MS Office? 

A. Edit Analysis 

B. Refresh All 

C. Edit Prompts and Levels 

D. Publish 

Answer: BC

Q12. You do not have a physical time table in your database but would like to use the time series functions that OBIEE offers. What two options do you have? 

A. Create a physical time table in your database. 

B. Create aLogical Table that is sourced fromthe time keyin the fact table. 

C. Create an "Opaque View" in the physicallayer that contains the time columns from the fact and map itinto your physical model. 

D. Create a LogicalTable that is sourced from a time field in one of your dimension tables. 

E. Createa time table that is joined through a intervening Table so there is no foreign keyrelationship. 

Answer: AD

Q13. The Oracle BI office plug-in allows you to import the results of an OBI request into which two MS applications? 

A. MS Visio 

B. MS Excel 

C. MS Project 

D. MS Word 

Answer: BD

Q14. One benefit of adding a second table source that is joined to the first table source in the Physical Layer by a foreign key relationship is that______. 

A. Multiple SQL queries are performed 

B. Two SQL queries are performed to get data from both tables 

C. A single SQL query is performed to get data from both tables 

D. No SQL queries are performed against the source tables 

Answer: C

Q15. Which are the three types of tables available to physical tables in the physical layer? 

A. Physical Table 

B. Stored Proc 

C. Select 

D. View 

E. Table 

Answer: ABC

Q16. The Consistency Checker checks______. 

A. The validity of objects outside the metadata using the connection 

B. Mappings to the physical objects 

C. For objects deleted from the database 

D. Syntax errors in derived logical columns 

Answer: B

Q17. Identify the two types of storage for Essbase. 

A. Aggregate Storage Option and Block Storage Option 

B. Aggregate Storage and Cell Storage 

C. OLAP Storage and Cell Storage 

D. Aggregate Storage and Hybrid Columnar Compression 

Answer: A

Q18. An organization has its employees' names in an Employees table, and information about their jobs in a Jobs table. 

However, an organization's employees can have multiple jobs, and the same job can be performed by multiple employees. This situation would result in a many to-many relationship between the Employees and Jobs tables. How can the many to-many relationship issue be resolved? 

A. By modeling the many to many relationshipin the business model 

B. By creating a bridge table that represents one employee doing one job, with several rows for an employee who has several jobs 

C. By creating the many to many join in the physical model 

D. By creating alogical table source (LTS) thatjoins the Employees and Jobs tables 

Answer: B

Q19. Which three techniques are applied to support Failover? 

A. WebLogic Clustering 

B. Universal Installer > Scale Out BI System option 

C. OBIEE Clustering 

D. Vertical Scaleout 

Answer: ABC

Q20. Which Oracle Partner is the supplier of map-based content to provide background maps, boundary information, and points of interest? 

A. Navteq 

B. TeleAtlas 

C. Google