Exam Code: 1Z0-591 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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Q21. The administration tool is the developer's interface to the repository file. It allows the development of and changes to the metadata repository file. Which statement is true? 

A. Changes to the repository can only be carried out in offline mode. 

B. Multiple developers can work on one repository at the same time.Results can be merged later on. 

C. All aspects of security are being held in the repository file. 

D. Opening the rpd.filein online mode results in performance Issues for the application user. 


Q22. What is the first step when creating an Aggregate table in the OBI repository? 

A. Test the Aggregate table by using Analysis 

B. Specify the Fact table that you want to aggregate 

C. Use Job Manager to run the Aggregate script 

D. Create a dedicated Connection Pool 

Answer: B

Q23. Object Security controls access to Subject Areas, Tables, and Columns in OBIEE and can be implemented by using which method? 

A. Single Sign-On (SSO) 

B. Database Authentication 

C. Business Logic Object Security 

D. External Table Authentication 

E. LDAP Authentication 

Answer: C

Q24. Which option does not describe Aggregate tables? 

A. Aggregatetables increase query performance by pre-calculating frequently accessed measure aggregations. 

B. Aggregate tables relieve bottlenecks and pre-calculate and store the data for better queryresponse. 

C. Aggregate tables typically have fewer rows than the non aggregate tables and,therefore,processing should be quicker. 

D. Aggregate tables are created and stored on theBIServer. 


Q25. If Security attributes conflict, what happens? 

A. The user or application role is granted the minimum security attribute 

B. The user or application role is granted the maximum security attribute 

C. The user or application role is granted No security attribute 

D. The user or application role is granted the Fully Restrictive security attribute 

Answer: A

Q26. One of the initial phases in OBIEE implementation is the Discovery phase where the project team focuses on a few activities. Which option is not one of them? 

A. Business RequirementsDefinition 

B. Technical Requirements Definition 

C. Data Quality Assessment 

D. DashboardTesting 

Answer: B

Q27. There are two aggregate tables that are available for query. How would they be mapped into the logical data model so queries can use them? 

A. By creating two new logical tables sources 

B. By opening the two logical Table Source dialog boxes and mapping the appropriate levels in the Content tab 

C. Both Aand B 

D. By creating one new LogicalTableSource 


Q28. The highest sales amount for this year is $10,000. If you create a rank measure for sales this year and display it on a report, the value will be________. 

A. $10,000 

B. 0 

C. 1 

D. Year 


Q29. Identify the reason why Oracle OLAP provides a favorable aggregation strategy. 

A. OLAP cubes eliminate the need for a large number of aggregate tables. 

B. OLAP cubes are stored outside of the database in highly optimized file structures. 

C. OLAP cubes can be easily transported from database to database. 

D. OLAP cubes can be queried by using SQL. 

Answer: D

Q30. The WebLogic Repository Schema generated via RCU can be deployed to which three DBMS? 

A. Oracle RDBMS 

B. Microsoft SQL Server 


D. Teradata 

Answer: ABC