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Q51. The customer is questioning the necessity to have a data warehouse in place. They want to run OBIEE against various transactional systems. Identify the two limitations. 

A. Operational system might be overburdened with analytical requests resulting in had performance for transactional processes. 

B. TheBIserver cannot integrate various sourcesin one metadata model. 

C. Dataquality issues might emerge, due to missing data cleansing. 

D. Business issues are depending on real-time data. 

Answer: AC

Q52. A customer has a requirement for rolling period calculations. What two additional steps will need to be done to enable this in the repository? 

A. Clicking the "Time" option in theLogical Dimension Dialog 

B. Designatingachronological key for every level of every dimension hierarchy 

C. Clicking the "Time" option in the LogicalTable Source Dialog 

D. Designating a chronological keyfor every logical column in the Logical Table Source 

E. Specifying a sort order in theLogicalTable dialog 

Answer: AB 

Q53. The WebLogic Repository Schema generated via RCU can be deployed to which three DBMS? 

A. Oracle RDBMS 

B. Microsoft SQL Server 


D. Teradata 

Answer: ABC 

Q54. Why is it necessary to join multiple source tables to a single dimension? 

A. Because transactional source systems are often denormalized 

B. Because transactional source systems are often normalized 

C. Because a single source table often contains all the dimensions needed 

D. Because the dimensions tables are built in the transactional systems 

Answer: A

Q55. Which option describes how OBIEE Integrates with Planning? 

A. OBIEE primarily accesses Planning using standard Essbase integration techniques. 

B. OBIEE provides complete access to all Planning data through the Analytic Data Model (ADM) layer. 

C. Planning is not a supported OBIEE source. 

D. OBIEEintegrates with Planning directly through relational database access. 

Answer: AB

Q56. OBIEE 11g authentication of users is performed by which two components listed below? 

A. Repository file (rpd) 

B. Embedded WebLogicLDAP server 

C. External directories such as Active Directory using WebLogic andFusion Middleware's Oracle Platform Security Services framework 

D. BI Presentation Services 

Answer: AB

Q57. If a customer is planning on building a data warehouse, how would you describe data warehousing to the customer? 

A. The data in the data warehouse describes events and statuses of business processes, products and services, goals and organizational units, and generally mirrors every aspect of the structure and behavior of the organization. 

B. Data warehouses can only be based on multidimensional data modeling. 

C. Application based data warehouses can be bought off the shelf and used without any tweaking. 

D. Data warehouse projects are usually implemented within two weeks. 

Answer: A

Q58. Use of the Enterprise Install option is recommended for which three options? 

A. Multiple instances on a single computer 

B. Scale out for High Availability and Failover 

C. Support for high security requirements 

D. Evaluation of end user functionality 

E. Single users working on a single computer 

Answer: ABC

Q59. Which installation option is used to install into an existing Fusion Middleware Home? 

A. Software Only Install 

B. Simple Install 

C. EnterpriseInstall 

D. Cannot installinto an existing Fusion Middleware Home 

Answer: A

Q60. Which task can be performed after the Administrator link has been reached through logging into OBIEE? 

A. Associate map layers to columns 

B. Manage access to Subject Areas 

C. SSO enablement 

D. Start or Stop BI Managed Servers 

Answer: BCD