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Q41. If Security attributes conflict, what happens? 

A. The user or application role is granted the minimum security attribute 

B. The user or application role is granted the maximum security attribute 

C. The user or application role is granted No security attribute 

D. The user or application role is granted the Fully Restrictive security attribute 

Answer: A

Q42. How do System Session Variables obtain their values? 

A. They are entered by user input on a dashboard 

B. They are obtained from data fields in the Physical Layer 

C. They are obtained from the Presentation Layer 

D. They are obtained from the Initialization Block 

Answer: D

Q43. Which configuration can be changed through Enterprise Manager? 

A. Minimum Number of Rows to Download to Excel 

B. The default BI Server Repository 

C. Start and Stop BI Services 

D. Manages user login 


Q44. The administration tool is the developer's interface to the repository file. It allows the development of and changes to the metadata repository file. Which statement is true? 

A. Changes to the repository can only be carried out in offline mode. 

B. Multiple developers can work on one repository at the same time.Results can be merged later on. 

C. All aspects of security are being held in the repository file. 

D. Opening the rpd.filein online mode results in performance Issues for the application user. 


Q45. DSNs are set up for access to which data sources? 

A. ODBC Data Sources 

B. Oracle Data Sources 

C. IBM Data Sources 

D. Teradata Data Sources 

Answer: A

Q46. Which two options are included in Oracle BI Server cache management techniques? 

A. Using NQSConfig.ini to manually edit the parameters 

B. Scheduling Server password 

C. Maximum Number of Rows to Download to Excel 

D. Inspecting the cache reports 

E. Manage access to Subject Areas 

Answer: AD

Q47. Which Oracle Partner is the supplier of map-based content to provide background maps, boundary information, and points of interest? 

A. Navteq 

B. TeleAtlas 

C. Google 



Q48. When designing a Star Schema, which option does not apply? 

A. The facts are quantifiable. 

B. The fact has several foreign keys that are primary keys in the dimensional table 

C. Fact table is joined to the related dimensional tables. 

D. Dimensional tables are normalized. 

E. Dimensional tables have one attribute primary key as Product_ID for products. 


Q49. When creating a query. Subject areas can be combined via point and click as long as____. 

A. the subject areas share objects of the same name 

B. the subject areas both share the same model in the business model and mapping layer 

C. the subject areas are both from the same physical source, though they may be in separate business layers 

D. two or more subject areas cannot be joined together without manually mapping the contents 


Q50. An organization has its employees' names in an Employees table, and information about their jobs in a Jobs table. 

However, an organization's employees can have multiple jobs, and the same job can be performed by multiple employees. This situation would result in a many to-many relationship between the Employees and Jobs tables. How can the many to-many relationship issue be resolved? 

A. By modeling the many to many relationshipin the business model 

B. By creating a bridge table that represents one employee doing one job, with several rows for an employee who has several jobs 

C. By creating the many to many join in the physical model 

D. By creating alogical table source (LTS) thatjoins the Employees and Jobs tables 

Answer: B