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2021 Jun 1Z0-597 practice test

Q21. On SPARC T4-2 server, if the memory riser has four dual-rank DIMMs, its bandwidth is approximately 94% of the possible maximum. If the memory riser has only two dual-rank DIMMs, what is the approximate bandwidth as a percent of the total bandwidth? 

A. 29% 

B. 35% 

C. 41% 

D. 47% 

Answer: D 

Q22. The SPARC T4-2 server has than the SPARC T4-1 server. 

A. 512 GB more memory 

B. 1 TB more memory 

C. 64 more compute threads 

D. 128 more compute threads 

Answer: B 

Q23. What is main objective of having Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS)? 

A. To create a framework for tracking improperly installed systems 

B. To produce consistent, high quality installations 

C. To produce systems optimized for Oracle software deployments 

D. To create a framework for tracking properly installed systems 

Answer: B 

Q24. During the initial installation of a SPARC T4-2 server, you notice the SP NET MGT port is not available. What is one possibility? 

A. The SPARC T4-2 does not use the SP NET MGT port. 

B. It must be connected to a Gigabit network. 

C. The network does not use DHCP. 

D. The Oracle ILOM is down. 

Answer: C 

Q25. In the following example, Power On Self Test (POST) reports an uncorrectable memory error affecting the following locations: 



The error was detected by POST running on which node, core, and standard? 

A. Node 0, core 7, strand 2 

B. Node 2, core 7, strand 0 

C. Node 7, core 2, strand 0 

D. Node 0, core 2, strand 7 

Answer: A

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Q26. The amount of disk space recommended by the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS) for the root slice is for UFS File and Solaris 10. 

A. 5 GB 

B. 10 GB 

C. 13 GB 

D. 18 GB 

Answer: A 

Q27. You are installing a SPARC T4 server at a customer site using a single-phase power feed. The power outlet is 15 meters (16.4 feet) from device. Which Enterprise Installation Standard (EIS) document would you have highlighted this issue prior to installation? 

A. Site audit report 

B. Test procedure plan 

C. Power routing map 

D. Server operational checklist 

Answer: D 

Q28. You are unable to add an Oracle ILOM user account, what is one possibility that would cause this issue? 

A. You need to add SSH keys to the system before creating additional user accounts. 

B. You do not have the user management role enabled. 

C. You do not have the host control role enabled. 

D. You have exceeded the maximum number of 5 user accounts. 

Answer: B 

Q29. Error conditions by POST, Oracle Solaris Predictive Self-Healing (PSH), and Oracle ILOM are forward to which component for fault handling? 


B. Oracle VTS 

C. Oracle ILOM 

D. Oracle Solaris PSH 

Answer: C 

Reference: 24, third para) 

Q30. Which three are included for each test in the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS) Test procedure Plan? 

A. The test objective 

B. The test method 

C. The expected outcome of the test 

D. Troubleshooting for each failed test 

Answer: A,B,C