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Q31. When preparing to update the firmware, which two statements are true? 

A. If performed via the ILOM interface, the firmware file should reside on the system from which the browser is launched. 

B. If performed via the ILOM web interface, a TFTP server is required. 

C. If performed via the ILOM CLI, a TFTP server is required. 

D. Firmware updates can only be performed via the ILOM CLI. 


Q32. On SPARC T4-2 server, if the memory riser has four dual-rank DIMMs, its bandwidth is approximately 94% of the possible maximum. If the memory riser has only two dual-rank DIMMs, what is the approximate bandwidth as a percent of the total bandwidth? 

A. 29% 

B. 35% 

C. 41% 

D. 47% 


Q33. During an installation of a SPARC T4-2 server running Oracle Solaris to, you noticed several missing packages and drivers. What caused this? 

A. You installed an Oracle Solaris metacluster other than SUNWCX all (Entire distribution plus OEM system support). 

B. You are using the Enterprise installation Standards DVD rather than the recommended patch cluster from Oracle support. 

C. You are using an Enterprise Installation Standards DVD that is two months old. 

D. You installed Oracle Solaris 11 rather than Oracle Solaris 10. 


Q34. In the OpenBoot PROM environment, you used the “show-children” command to list the physical drives on a specific RAID controller. The output is below. Which command creates a RAID 0 volume with targets 9 and a? 

A. 9 a create-raid0-volume 

B. Create raid-volume = 0 9 a 

C. 9 a create-raid-volume = 0 

D. Create raid0-volume = 9 a 


Reference: step 3) 

Q35. As part of our test procedure plan, you need to confirm that savecore is configured correctly. Which test should you use? 

A. Explore Data Collector Test 

B. Solaris VTS Test 

C. Solaris Crash Dump Test 

D. Savecore Test 


Q36. During the initial installation of a SPARC T4-2 server, you notice the SP NET MGT port is not available. What is one possibility? 

A. The SPARC T4-2 does not use the SP NET MGT port. 

B. It must be connected to a Gigabit network. 

C. The network does not use DHCP. 

D. The Oracle ILOM is down. 


Q37. Which command lists dynamically reconfigurable hardware resources and shows their operational status? 

A. dmesg 

B. ldm ls 

C. fmadm –al 

D. cfgadm –al 


Reference: step 2) 

Q38. The customer wants power-on self-test (POST) to be triggered any time power is applied, or there is an error-invoked reset. How is this best accomplished? 

A. Set the diagnostic trigger value to "power-on-reset" and level of diagnostic s to "debug" 

B. Set the diagnostic trigger value to "error-reset" and level of diagnostics to "debug". 

C. Set the diagnostic trigger value to "all resets". 

D. Set the diagnostic trigger value to "power-on-reset error-reset". 


Q39. Based on the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS), why should Oracle Explorer Data Collector be run with the “-i” switch after initial system power-on and setup are complete? 

A. To remove confidential customer IP addresses from the Explorer output 

B. To provide a baseline of the initial system configuration 

C. To collect local Intelligent Platform management Interface (IPMI) data 

D. To collect remote Oracle ILOM snapshot data 


Q40. You are installing a SPARC T4 server at a customer site using a single-phase power feed. The power outlet is 15 meters (16.4 feet) from device. Which Enterprise Installation Standard (EIS) document would you have highlighted this issue prior to installation? 

A. Site audit report 

B. Test procedure plan 

C. Power routing map 

D. Server operational checklist