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Q71. Given the code fragment: 

What could expression1 and expression2 be, respectively, in order to produce output –8, 16? 

A. + +a, - -b 

B. + +a, b- 

C. A+ +, - - b 

D. A + +, b - 


Q72. Given: 

What three modifications, made independently, made to class greet, enable the code to compile and run? 

A. line 6 replaced with handy.dandy.keystroke stroke = new KeyStroke ( ); 

B. line 6 replaced with handy.*.KeyStroke = new KeyStroke ( ); 

C. line 6 replaced with handy.dandy.KeyStroke Stroke = new handy.dandy.KeyStroke(); 

D. import handy.*; added before line 1 

E. import handy.dandy.*; added after line 1 

F. import handy.dandy,KeyStroke; added after line 1 

G. import handy.dandy.KeyStroke.typeException(); added before line 1 

Answer: CEF 

Q73. public class StringReplace { 

public static void main(String[] args) { 

String message = "Hi everyone!"; 

System.out.println("message = " + message.replace("e", "X")); } 

What is the result? 

A. message = Hi everyone! 

B. message = Hi XvXryonX! 

C. A compile time error is produced. 

D. A runtime error is produced. 

E. message = 

F. message = Hi Xveryone! 


Q74. Which two may precede the word ‘class’ in a class declaration? 

A. local 

B. public 

C. static 

D. volatile 

E. synchronized 

Answer: BC 

Q75. Which two are valid declarations of a two-dimensional array? 

A. int [] [] array2D; 

B. int [2] [2] array2D; 

C. int array2D []; 

D. int [] array2D []; 

E. int [] [] array2D []; 

Answer: AD 

Q76. An unchecked exception occurs in a method dosomething() Should other code be added in the dosomething() method for it to compile and execute? 

A. The Exception must be caught 

B. The Exception must be declared to be thrown. 

C. The Exception must be caught or declared to be thrown. 

D. No other code needs to be added. 


Q77. Given: 

What is the result? 

A. 2 4 6 8 10 12 

B. 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 

C. Compilation fails 

D. The program prints multiple of 2 infinite times 

E. The program prints nothing 


Q78. Which three are valid types for switch?

A. int

B. float

C. double

D. integer

E. String

F. Float

Answer: ADE

Q79. Given: 

What is the result? 

A. Marrown 

String out of limits 


B. Marrown 

String out of limits 

Array out of limits 

C. Marrown 

String out of limits 

D. Marrown 




Q80. Given the following code fragment: 

What is the result if the integer value is 33? 

A. The fox jump lazy … 

B. The fox lazy … 

C. Quick fox over lazy … 

D. Quick fox the ….