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Q21. Given: 

Which two code fragments are valid? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 

E. Option E 

Answer: BC 

Q22. Given: 

What three modifications, made independently, made to class greet, enable the code to compile and run? 

A. line 6 replaced with handy.dandy.keystroke stroke = new KeyStroke ( ); 

B. line 6 replaced with handy.*.KeyStroke = new KeyStroke ( ); 

C. line 6 replaced with handy.dandy.KeyStroke Stroke = new handy.dandy.KeyStroke(); 

D. import handy.*; added before line 1 

E. import handy.dandy.*; added after line 1 

F. import handy.dandy,KeyStroke; added after line 1 

G. import handy.dandy.KeyStroke.typeException(); added before line 1 

Answer: CEF 

Q23. Given: 

public class SampleClass { 

public static void main(String[] args) { 

AnotherSampleClass asc = new AnotherSampleClass(); SampleClass sc = new 


sc = asc; 

System.out.println("sc: " + sc.getClass()); 

System.out.println("asc: " + asc.getClass()); 


class AnotherSampleClass extends SampleClass { 

What is the result? 

A. sc: class Object asc: class AnotherSampleClass 

B. sc: class SampleClass asc: class AnotherSampleClass 

C. sc: class AnotherSampleClass asc: class SampleClass 

D. sc: class AnotherSampleClass asc: class AnotherSampleClass 


Q24. Given: 

What is the result? 

Oracle 1z0-803 : Practice Test 

A. 0 Done 

B. First Exception Done 

C. Second Exception 

D. Done Third Exception 

E. Third Exception 


Q25. Given: 

What code should be inserted? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 

E. Option E 

F. Option F 


Q26. Given: 

What is the result? 

A. One 

B. Two 

C. Three 

D. Compilation fails 


Q27. Given: 

Which three lines will compile and output “right on!”? 

A. Line 5 

B. Line 6 

C. Line 7 

D. Line 8 

E. Line 9 

F. Line 10 

Answer: CDF 

Q28. boolean log3 = ( 5.0 != 6.0) && ( 4 != 5); 

boolean log4 = (4 != 4) || (4 == 4); 

System.out.println("log3:"+ log3 + \nlog4" + log4); 

What is the result? 

A. log3:false log4:true 

B. log3:true log4:true 

C. log3:true log4:false 

D. log3:false log4:false 


Q29. Given the code fragment: 

int b = 3; 

Oracle 1z0-803 : Practice Test 

if ( !(b > 3)) { 

System.out.println("square "); 


System.out.println("circle "); 


What is the result? 

A. square... 

B. circle... 

C. squarecircle... 

D. Compilation fails. 


Q30. Which two actions will improve the encapsulation of a class? 

A. Changing the access modifier of a field from public to private 

B. Removing the public modifier from a class declaration 

C. Changing the return type of a method to void 

D. Returning a copy of the contents of an array or ArrayList instead of a direct reference 

Answer: AD