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2021 Sep 1Z0-807 exam cram

Q31. Which two statements are true about transport-layer security?

A. It applies to both a message body and its attachments.

B. It is loosely coupled with the transport-layer protocol.

C. It is an end-to-end security mechanism.

D. It prevents the captured data from being replayed at a later time.

Answer: AD

Q32. Which two measures are most effective in protecting websites from cross site scripting (XSS) attacks?

A. Escape “<” and “>” parameters that displayed or evaluated by the JavaScript interpreter.

B. URL-encode “<” and “>”parameters so they will never be evaluated by the JavaScript Interpreter.

C. Ensure that the session cookie is sent only on UTTPS connections.

D. Treat all user-supplied input as unsafe, and white list known good characters

E. Execute all user-supplied scripts in a server-side sandbox.

Answer: CE

Q33. Your company is creating a Java EE corporate wide workflow system in winch significant internal business events are consumed by multiple applications. Due to multi-year development plans, many of these applications do not exist yet, even at the design stage.

IT has defined standard data formats for these events in the form of small XML documents.

Also, the rules for how an application filters and processes events are not fixed In advance and can change over the life or the application.

Which combination of technologies is best for distributing and consuming these events throughout the company?

A. Relational database and JDBC

B. HTTP client library and servlets

C. Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and stateless session beans

D. Java Message Service (JMS) topics and message-driven beans

E. JMS queues and message-driven beans

Answer: D

Q34. While analyzing an application, you observe that it contains numerous Interfaces for complex domain logic. Completing a business Function currently requires calling several of these interfaces in an order that is understood by system experts.

Which design pattern would you suggest to refactor the code?

A. Façade



D. Adapter

E. Decorator

Answer: A

Q35. Which two are primary concerns for a service-oriented architecture (SOA)?

A. Low cohesion

B. Loose coupling

C. Session handling

D. Well defined contracts

Answer: BD


Rebirth 1Z0-807 exam cram:

Q36. The integration team has reported a problem in testing a few deployed MDBs. By design, each MDB listens to one of four named queues. Two producers write messages to each queue. The test issues messages of the same payload type that each producer will send, but varies the number or size of these messages to measure the messaging server’s performance.

The team has noticed that the utilization remains at the same high rate any time the test writes messages destined for the third MDB. The message server log does not reveal any failure in sending messages to this MDB. Which anticipation expresses cause for this condition?

A. Hot Potato

B. Leaky Abstraction

C. Cache less Cow

D. Golden Hammer

Answer: A

Q37. What are two consequences of using the Composite View pattern?

A. Improves performance

B. Avoids duplicate content

C. Forces a whole-part dependency

D. Allows tables to be reused in multiple locations

E. Restricts all sub views to have a consistent view technology

Answer: BD

Q38. You are the architect of a web application that uses javaServer Faces (JSF) as a presentation tier for business processes coded as stateless session beans. When you add new code to the stateless session beans to address new accounting requirements, without changing the interface, you discover that the new business processes are being ignored by some of the JSF components.

What might be the cause of this problem?

A. The presentation tier is relying on validation logic in the business tier.

B. The browser is caching out-of-date versions of the JSF components.

C. The business processes are not rigorously encapsulated in the session beans.

D. The new session beans have been deployed incorrectly, and proper deployment will resolve the problem.

Answer: C

Q39. Which three principles are best practices when implementing a logging strategy for an enterprise application?

A. Never print log messages to the console window.

B. Use the appropriate logger level for logging information.

C. Log messages for every method entry and exit.

D. Include programmer-specific data in the log messages.

E. Include the thread name and Java class name in log messages.

Answer: BCD

Q40. Which statements are true about Java integration technologies?

A. Remote Method Invocation (RMI) helps to connect subsystems in a loosely coupled manner.

B. Java Message Service (JMS) helps in synchronous messaging between Java and non- Java systems.

C. JMS helps to broadcast messages to multiple Java-based receivers.

D. Java Connector Architecture (JCA) helps to integrate with heterogeneous legacy enterprise information systems.

Answer: C